‘Gold Rush’ Fans Praise The Show’s New Rockstar In Warren

Warren on Gold Rush - episode screencap

Gold Rush has introduced some hot new stars to the show this season, and the latest fan favorite seems to be Warren Binnie. This season, Brady and Brandon Clayton have struggled and provided a sense of uncertainty along the way. However, much like their closest competitor Fred Lewis, they have some MVPs on their crew.

Here is what you need to know about Warren.

Clayton Brothers Have A Star In Warren On Gold Rush

The Clayton Brothers admitted on this last episode that they have a lot of work to do if they want to beat Fred Lewis this season. Last week, Fred proved that he had a secret weapon on his team in Buzz Legault. In a previous episode, Buzz pulled Fred’s butt out of the fire and helped him get moving again after yet another setback.

Warren on Gold Rush - episode screencap

When it comes to the Clayton Brothers, they are working on a pay-as-you-go mining operation. They have to build a road that will cost $50,000, and this means they are hitting hotspots along the way to make money. However, equipment problems had the brothers hitting a new low. They even spent $7,500 on a new part and realized there were engine problems they had to deal with.

This led to Warren Binnie saving the day. While the brothers were fearing they weren’t going to be able to continue, Warren pitched the idea of fixing a fallen conveyor belt by using the loader so they could keep the excavator in the trench. He then started working on getting the conveyer moving again. He took the lead and helped the Clayton Brothers get back into action. The plan worked perfectly.

On Reddit, fans loved watching Warren in action helping the Clayton Brothers. “Dude is working alone while the Claytons are gone, keeping the mine alive,” one person wrote. “Guys like him are worth so much more than they’re paid. Amazing worker, nothing short of impressed with him.”

Others agreed, saying it seems like a “stand-up guy” and that they are “very impressed with that dude.” Called a “fantastic asset to the team,” there are many fans now who believe that he can help the Clayton Brothers start to reach their goals.

How Are The Clayton Brothers Doing On Gold Rush?

The Clayton Brothers came into the new episode leading Fred Lewis, but far behind Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets. As they mentioned in this episode, their main goal now was just to beat Fred Lewis. So, how much did Warren help them in their small lead over Fred on Gold Rush?

Gold Rush totals / IG

The totals after Gold Rush Week 13 saw Parker bring in $1.8 million. Tony and his team of greenhorns brought in $800,000. Fred brought in $26,000. The Claytons were not ranked. The season totals now have Parker in the lead with $6.98 million and Tony a distance behind him at $3.65 million.

As for Fred and the Clayton Brothers, Fred is now in the lead with $91,000 for the season. The Clayton Brothers are setting at $66,000.

Will Warren help the Clayton Brothers beat Fred Lewis this season on Gold Rush? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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