Lindsay Arnold Proudly Shows Off Her 22-Week Baby Bump

Lindsay Arnold and Sage Cusick from Instagram

Professional dancer Lindsay Arnold loves performing on Dancing With The Stars. But these days, she’s taking a break to focus on family life. She announced she would take Season 31 off to focus on raising her daughter, Sage. Shortly after, Lindsay announced she was expecting another child with her husband, Sam Cusick.

Lindsay Arnold is expecting a second daughter this May and couldn’t be happier to be a “girl mom.” As her pregnancy continues, she’s also happily showing off photos of her growing baby bump. Keep reading to see the photos!

Lindsay Arnold is excited to welcome home her second daughter

Lindsay Arnold still has several months left to go in her pregnancy. For now, she’s spending some quality time with her family as they prepare to become a family of four. The dancer has uploaded several fun vacation photos over the past few weeks.

But now, she’s incredibly excited to share her baby bump with followers.

Lindsay Arnold, Sage Cusick, and Sam Cusick from Instagram
Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

“Bump dump💕 a little less than 18 weeks away from meeting you baby girl. This pregnancy seems to be flying by 💕 I have loved seeing my body change over the past couple months. So far this pregnancy has been almost identical to my first other than the fact that i have been able to feel baby girl moving A LOT since about 17 weeks which was so much earlier than I could feel Sage,” the Dancing With The Stars pro shared on social media.

Lindsay Arnold from Instagram
Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

“Heart burn just started up which is right on cue, round ligament pain has begun so I think I’ll pull out the belly band soon, and maybe TMI but I started leaking milk already which is the exact same time I started leaking in my first pregnancy 😂 such a fun time!” Lindsay Arnold continued. “With all the changes I am reminded at how magical it is that I am creating life inside me and I could not be more grateful or honored to be bringing another sweet soul into this world. Second half of pregnancy is in full swing! 💕”

Lindsay Arnold from Instagram
Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

I aspire to look like you next pregnancy 😍” Lindsay’s younger sister Brynley commented on the post. 

“Girl, you look great to be halfway through 🤰” a fan wrote. Many others added they appreciated Lindsay’s vulnerability and willingness to share her pregnancy journey online. 

The family is celebrating after experiencing fertility issues

Lindsay Arnold knew she always wanted to have more children. Sadly, it seems like she and her husband Sam did struggle to conceive after having Sage. Once she saw the ultrasound, she felt much better about welcoming a second child into the world.

“That’s when I finally was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is happening and let’s just trust the process,’” the dancer told PEOPLE. “I think that’s something I’ve really learned throughout all of the things, is to trust your body, trust the timing, trust God’s timing, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Check back for more updates on Lindsay Arnold and the rest of the DWTS cast.

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