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Christine Brown: No Room In Kody & Robyn’s Marriage For More

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Christine Brown reveals that there is no room in Kody and Robyn’s marriage for more wives. Though many have been questioning if they will court again, she does not think it will happen. So, what is her reasoning? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown: No Room In Kody & Robyn’s Marriage For More

Yes, it is part of Kody Brown’s identity to be a polygamist and yes, the show is called Sister Wives. However, Christine Brown acknowledged in the tell-all that Robyn is Kody’s soul mate. It was quite clear that he had wanted all of his wives to live up to the standard that Robyn had set when she entered the family in 2010. Unfortunately, this became impossible. Now, he is left living monogamously and everyone wants to know if Kody and Robyn will start courting again.

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An insider claimed that the couple would be open to taking on more wives. That there was a high demand for Kody within their community. Yet, Christine Brown was telling another story during the Season 17 tell-all. She explained that, though they may want to carry out this dream, it’s just not something they can do anymore. The hardest part will be giving up on the dream of having a plural family and all that comes with it. However, there is no room for them to add to their family.

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They have become somewhat comfortable with what they have and Christine just cannot see them adding on anymore. Even Kody had to say that he is barely a polygamist anymore. So much has happened to him since 2021 that it is hard to figure out where his beliefs are. As for Robyn, she has not said whether or not she is firmly giving up on her dreams. Yet she has said that Janelle and Christine Brown cheated her out of the life she had always wanted.

Moving On

Janelle and Christine Brown are so much happier since they have left Kody and the plural family. However, Janelle has yet to say whether or not she would engage in polygamy again. Christine is officially done with that lifestyle and is ready to be with just one man and be the only adored woman. Meri Brown is running a fine line because she says that she and Kody are split up but she seems to still have some hope he will see her differently again. It looks like the future is up in the air for the Browns and what they will do regarding polygamy. Maybe future seasons will address this, even Season 18.

Do you think Christine Brown is fair in her assessment that Kody and Robyn will not take on more wives? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.

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