Sara Haines Has Thoughts On TJ Holmes & Amy Robach’s Affair?

Sara Haines On TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [YouTube]

Sara Haines admitted that she has thoughts on TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s affair. She didn’t shy away from talking about it on the daytime talk show. As TV Show Ace previously reported, The View seemingly found a way to talk about the workplace affair without mentioning their ABC employees.

Fans noticed the show has found ways to talk about infidelity without naming the Good Morning America scandal. In late November, photos and video evidence of TJ and Amy going on dates and a getaway to upstate New York leaked online. The two are currently suspended from the morning show. See how The View panel shared their thoughts and what Sara Haines had to say.

The View Panel Talk Cheating [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View subtly mentions TJ Holmes & Amy Robach’s affair

Joy Behar filled in as moderator during Friday’s broadcast of The View. She brought up a news story about actress Gabrielle Union on Dax Shepherd’s podcast. She admitted she cheated on her first spouse. At the time, Gabrielle felt “entitled” to cheat because she paid all the bills and found out that he was unfaithful.

Joy wanted to shift the conversation from infidelity to a workplace affair.  She didn’t talk about the GMA scandal. Instead, she wanted to know if there was any “justification” for those who have a “fling” with “somebody at the office,” especially when there are kids involved.

Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Both TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were married to their respective spouses during their alleged affair. They also share children from previous marriages. The situation that Joy brought up seemingly sounds similar to theirs. The View fans on Twitter assumed they were talking about the GMA3 duo.

Sara Haines shares thoughts on the GMA affair

Sara Haines admitted that she had thoughts on the matter. She spoke up first about the idea of a workplace affair. Sara feels that it can be rectified if it’s a one-time thing. Yet, she feels that they should’ve set an example for their children.

“I have thoughts. If you can live with yourself for that, and it’s a one-time fling or something like that, I’m sure there are ways you can get around it,” Sara Haines explained. “But the most important thing is if you start to fall in love with people and you change how you are at home. The example you set (becomes) your kids’ understanding of how to love someone.”

Joy Behar & Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
TJ has three kids, while Amy has two. Sara seemingly called out the couple, who are in the process of divorcing their current spouses. The two have been in a whirlwind romance, even after the news leaked. GMA fans are split on the alleged affair rumors.

What are your thoughts on what Sara Haines said about TJ Holmes and Amy Robach? Do you agree with her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. As for Amy and TJ. I love them as newscasters and feel if they are doing a good job, why is it our business. I don’t care that Robin Roberts is gay and has been living with her partner for years. It doesn’t effect her job. The Good Lord is the only person they will have to report too and the last time I checked none of us were.

  2. I agree with Nancy Summers. I love watching TJ and Amy and as long as they are doing a good Job their private life is theirs. People falll out of love everyday and move on.

  3. I agree two consenting adults. Separated from their spouses. Equal job titles. None of our business. Move on. Get them back on the air.


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