Al Roker Thanks Wife For Helping Him Through His Medical Crisis

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Today show weatherman Al Roker thanked his wife, Deborah Roberts for helping him through his medical crisis. The fan-favorite weathercaster made a triumphant return to Studio 1A on Friday after recovering from his health issues. Al Roker had a terrifying experience after he had some complications from blood clots in his legs and lungs. What more did the weather reporter say about his wife? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker’s Health Crisis Was A Medical Mystery

Deborah, who is a news correspondent for the rival network ABC, joined her husband for his first show more than a month. She discussed the terrifying journey their family experienced while her husband was rushed to the hospital twice. After Al emotionally acknowledged the warm welcome from his fellow staff members, Deborah revealed how the family dealt with Al’s life-threatening situation.

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She admitted that Al being on the Today show is a big thing. She even dubbed him a “living, breathing miracle.”  The Good Morning America reporter also revealed that her husband’s condition was a medical mystery and it took a medical team to figure out what was really happening. She further added, “It was the most tumultuous, frightening journey we have ever been on. I mean there was just so much that had to be done and a surgery, if you don’t mind me saying a major, major surgery. And we were just on pins and needles, every day.”

Deborah Roberts Feared For Al Roker’s Life

When Al Roker returned from the hospital for Christmas, he revealed in his scratchy voice that he wishes to make a spatchcocked turkey for Christmas. However, Deborah was confused about whether to burst into tears from fear for his life or just to beam from the hope he radiated.

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For braving the tough times, Al Roker was very thankful to her wife. In his latest Instagram post, he shared snippets of his first show on Today after hospitalization. He wrote, “Can’t thank @debrobertsabc enough for getting me through this medical crisis. And now that she’s here at @todayshow maybe she might stay? Just kidding!!”

Deborah Roberts Denies Al Roker’s Job Offer

However, Deborah playfully denied the offer and replied, “I’m doing fine across town at ABC. But thanks.”

A fan admired Deborah for her courage and wrote, “@debrobertsabc is my hero!! Can I borrow her for my next crisis????”

“Hmmmmm!!???? Love seeing the two of you on the same network!” added another.

Al Roker Deborah Roberts Instagram

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Earlier this week, Al Roker’s co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie confirmed his return to the morning show. Savannah even stressed that the weatherman is the heartbeat, electricity, sunshine, and joy of the show. She declared, “We love him so dearly.”

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