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‘ABP’ Rain Brown’s New Hustle Fails To Launch, Shut Down?

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Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown tried to follow in her older siblings’ paths, but when she started a side hustle of her own, it ended up falling short. Here is what Rain tried to do and why it likely ended up shutting down before it ever gained traction.

Rain Brown announces a new Cameo account

Over the past couple of weeks, Bear Brown and Noah Brown announced they were starting their own Cameo accounts. It appears that this is something that the Alaskan Bush People family just learned about and are now working at to create a nice stream of money on the side. It is also working.

Ami and Rain Brown - episode screencap
Ami and Rain Brown / Discovery Channel

Bear Brown already has 37 ratings in a short time. He is charting a low $35, saying that he let the site decide what he should charge. He is also promising to do some free ones for some fans in the future. As for Noah, he is charging $40, and also said he let the site choose his price. While he only has 15 reviews, both Bear and Noah have a perfect five-star rating.

This led the youngest member of the Brown family to join Cameo as well. Rain Brown, 19, announced on her Instagram that she was joining Cameo. However, she never left a link in her profile as her brothers did. The thing is, less than a day after she created her Cameo account, she shut it down. The profile address she put in her IG post no longer exists on the site.

Some fans commented on the IG post that it ended quickly, but other comments showed what might have happened.

Rain Brown IG
Rain Brown on IG

Rain shuts down Cameo almost immediately

Scanning the comments on the Instagram post, and there is one thing that really causes concern. Several commenters asked Rain to create an OnlyFans account instead. While many of the 19-year-old reality TV star’s fans came to her defense, more came on and asked for her to join the more risque social site. OnlyFans is best known as a safe location online for sex workers, although there are also others with accounts there that are not in the sex industry.

Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

The problems are plentiful here. First, she is only 19. Second, she was raised in a highly religious family and has always spoken about her belief in God and following his path. These comments go against everything that Rain believes in. There is also the fact that Rain checked herself into a mental health facility last year while dealing with severe depression issues.

This might lead to why she shut down her Cameo account. On Cameo, a person will pay money to a celebrity and get a personalized message based on what they ask for. However, there are boundaries here. With so many people on Instagram asking for Rain to do OnlyFans, it is easy to think of what kind of requests she might have received on Cameo before shutting her account down.

Do you agree with Rain Brown shutting down her Cameo account? What are your thoughts about the comments that might have led Rain to leave the site? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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