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Was Kody Brown Successful In Breaking Up Janelle & Christine?

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Was Kody Brown able to break up his two former wives, Janelle and Christine? He started to feel like Janelle had too much of an allegiance toward Christine. Therefore, she could not be completely loyal to him and that was a struggle for him. He wanted her to be committed to the plural family yet Janelle felt torn. She wanted to be there for everyone. So, where does everyone stand now? Read on for more details.

Was Kody Brown Successful In Breaking Up Janelle & Christine?

Kody Brown really struggled with Janelle’s allegiance to Christine when she was leaving the family. These were two women who had issues getting along for quite some time. Kody recalled how Christine would allegedly talk horribly about her sister wives, Janelle included. Then, once they moved to Flagstaff, they were best friends. This caused him immense trust issues but Janelle explained that the split was hard on her, as well. She had Christine who she wanted to be loyal to and then her plural family who she needed to be there for. Kody seemed to feel that Janelle needed to choose.

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Now, Sister Wives fans have taken to Reddit to question if Kody Brown was successful in keeping the women apart. The thread started like this: “Jannelle & Christine… status? I haven’t seen them interacting on social media since the beginning of November. I sure hope Kody’s caustic comments didn’t get to them and separate them as friends. Thoughts?” One immediately noted: “I feel like they know better than to take anything he says seriously.”

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That was followed by a Redditor noting that Christine and Janelle work together on their MLM. So they were likely celebrating the holidays with their respective families. Then, they will reunite. Another added: “They live 10 hours away from each other, and Janelle spent the holidays in North Carolina.” Finally, someone asked a very valid question: “Are they friends? I don’t know, we see them with that bloody drink all smiley but do they actually hang out without children or pink drink or cameras?”

Unbreakable Friends?

When Christine shared her home had been sold and she would be leaving for Utah in a week, she also had something else to say. She needed space from her other sister wives with the exception of Janelle. The two had become really close and even spent a lot of time together during the pandemic. They realized that they had shared a unique experience that forever bonded them. However, Kody Brown could not comprehend this relationship and really wanted Janelle to be more loyal to him and the family. Now that Janelle has left, she can do whatever she pleases.

Do you think Kody Brown had a part in the women spending less time together or is it just a very busy time? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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