‘SW’ Fan Theory: Kody & Janelle Brown Split A Fake Storyline?

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Is Kody and Janelle Brown’s split just a fake storyline? Sister Wives fans have a theory that this could be a strong possibility. Yet, why would they want to do such a thing? More so, why would Janelle, who is such a force to be reckoned with, put herself through a scheme so degrading? Read on for some fan theories as to why the couple might be playing this one out and playing the viewers.

SW Fan Theory: Kody & Janelle Brown Split A Fake Storyline?

Fans are starting to question the legitimacy of Kody and Janelle Brown’s split. Yes, she had been getting frustrated with him for some time. However, she also noted that she was not in the proper position to exit the marriage just yet. This was the same advice she had given Christine prior to her leaving. Janelle Brown had advised Kody’s former third wife to be in a good financial position before she left the plural marriage. Fortunately, she owned her home in Flagstaff plus was doing quite well in her MLM business.

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As for Janelle, she has no assets except for the RV and has been waiting to build on Coyote Pass so she can acquire her estate. Still, she revealed she and Kody were separated during the tell-all. Now, a Reddit thread has started questioning if this split is false. Is Kody’s and Janelle’s alleged separation a sham?” the thread started. The OP went on to note that Kody seemed extremely calm while talking about his split from Janelle. Yet, he raged when Christine left as he hates to lose.  Therefore, does that indicate this is false?

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Yet, other Redditors do not think this is fabricated. “The way Janelle is publicly calling Robyn out on all her bullsh*t makes me think this is not fake. She’s over it,” one noted. Others pointed out: “She’s left before and has come back, so he probably thinks it’s a phase or she has agreed to continue putting money in the family pot.” Another added they don’t think Kody would allow a fake split, mainly because of his ego.

True Or False

The Christine leaving storyline did quite well. She announced her separation from Kody right before Season 16 started. This made fans want to see how the initial split went down. It did not happen until the final episode. Then, the divorce carried over to Season 17. Having Janelle Brown exit the family would allow for the series to follow her decision for at least another season or two. Fans would want to watch her make her great escape onto something bigger and better. So, would Kody risk his ego to keep the show on the air? Would Janelle play into a fake split to help keep the TLC money rolling in?

Do you think Kody and Janelle Brown’s split is a fake storyline to keep the show on and ratings up? More so, does it even matter if they have not been acting married for years? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. I believe the split between Janelle and Kody. they maybe trying to extend the story lone for season 18, personally I have no interest in watching the each job and Sobin. carry on.

  2. Janelle, left him. Meri, needs a tell all book. Robyn, needs to get a job and watch her kids. I can’t wait to see Meri, finally figure it all out and confront Robyn. I want someone to put Kody in his place, now!

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