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Panicked Nurse Rushes Tammy Slaton’s Room, Not Breathing?

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is no stranger to health issues. When the show first premiered, doctors told the TLC star she needed to make lifestyle changes or she wouldn’t make it much longer.

At this point, most fans know that Tammy did decide to check into rehab at the end of Season 3. 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 premieres in a few weeks and fans are eager to see whether or not rehab made a difference in her life.

However, viewers might not necessarily be prepared to see Tammy Slaton’s body give out onscreen. And according to new teasers, it seems like that certainly happened while filming.

What exactly happened to Tammy?

New clips reveal Tammy Slaton nearly died during her hospital stay

Now that the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 premiere date is inching closer, TLC is releasing more teasers. PEOPLE received exclusive access to one teaser in particular that reveals Tammy Slaton was incredibly ill when they started filming the new season. At the end of the trailer, a panicked nurse is filmed rushing into the reality TV star’s room.

The situation was incredibly serious. Her healthcare team had to take serious measures to keep her alive.

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb. Sisters, TLC
Tammy Slaton/TLC

“In the clip, Tammy was given a tracheotomy — a surgical procedure that creates a hole in the throat to insert a breathing tube — to ensure that they could give her emergency breathing support at any time,” PEOPLE writes. However, the TLC star wasn’t ready to give up fighting. “Despite the health scare, she boasts, ‘I’m still here, b—s!'”

Of course, Tammy wants to know whether or not she can have bariatric surgery. That’s been her goal since the series premiere and she’s shown progress by voluntarily going to rehab. However, in the clip, Dr. Smith isn’t sure that Tammy is ready for that yet.

The situation becomes even graver when her brother Chris adds, “If she doesn’t get the surgery, she’s gonna die because of her weight.”

Check out the teaser for yourself here:

The TLC star finally manages to turn her life around

The good news is that Tammy Slaton did recover and managed to return to rehab. And it seems like she made miraculous progress during her stay.

Followers noticed that Tammy was largely absent from social media throughout 2022. She started posting again recently and fans can see the dramatic changes and progress. It’s been an incredibly long journey, but Tammy’s fans are just so proud that she’s finally achieved her goals.

When Season 4 returns, fans can expect to see the TLC star’s journey through rehab. And on top of that, they’ll also get a chance to see Tammy fall in love and get married.

Catch the season premiere of 1000-Lb. Sisters on January 17 at 9 PM eastern time. Don’t miss out!

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