Al Roker Finds Something Shocking Hiding In His Pantry

Al Roker Returns to 'Today' - YouTube, TODAY

Al Roker returned to Today on Friday after being missing from the morning show for several weeks. Now, his wife Deborah Roberts and Al are trying to get back on track with a healthier lifestyle. In doing this, Al recently shared details on cleaning out his pantry. Keep reading to see what his shocking discovery was!

Deborah Roberts Works On Getting Fit

Earlier this week, Deborah Roberts shared photos on her Instagram Story about taking care of herself. After being Al’s caretaker for a while and seeing his issues, she has wanted to improve her own health and wellness routine.

To round the week out, she and Al Roker both headed to the Today Show studio for his first day back on the air. Al and Deborah sat side-by-side as he discussed his long health journey and recovery. His wife has been there for him every step of the way.

Deborah Roberts and Al Roker on 'Today' - YouTube

It seems like Deborah’s healthy lifestyle is impacting the entire household too, which is great. Al Roker even posted about how his wife inspired him to clean out the pantry, where he found some pretty shocking items.

Al Roker Find Something Shocking In His Pantry

Roker took to Instagram to share a side-by-side before and after photo of the inside of his pantry. The caption explained that the Today Show co-host had recently cleaned out his pantry. He was surprised by some of the things he found.

In the caption, Al wrote, “This morning, with a nudge from @debrobertsabc I got up early and went through our pantry to reduce clutter and get rid of expired cans and bottles. Not proud but more than a few were dated 2019!!


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Many people took to the comment section to tell Al that the post only made him more relatable. Food Network’s Sunny Anderson commented, “I did the same in Dec and found plenty of cans and such that expired in 2019 as well😵‍💫 and spices and bread crumbs that smelled like cardboard.”

A few other people commented, sharing similar stories. One person said that their family found food items from the 60s. Additionally, several people took the time to share some tips on how they manage to keep their pantries free of outdated items.

However, people love how Al Roker is keeping it real and are glad to see him returning to Today. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news and updates about Al and the rest of the crew on Today.

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