‘ABP’ Rain Brown Puzzles Fans: Where Does She Live?

Rain Brown posted a recent summer photo on Instagram for her fans. While the thought was sweet, and it was nice to see based on her current struggles, a few fans seemed very confused. It seems that some Alaskan Bush People fans haven’t been watching the show lately and have no idea where the Brown family lives now.

Here is a look at where Rain Brown lives, as well as the status of her family.

Rain Brown offers fans a ‘summery’ greeting

Rain Brown with Bird and Ami
Rain Brown with Bird and Ami. Credit Discover Channel

Rain Brown took to Instagram with a new post of an older photo. In the photo, Rain smiled into the camera as a beautiful summer day took place around her. She then wrote, “Wishing everyone summery feelings in this harsh winter time.” However, there were some commenters who likely didn’t understand Rain’s post at all.

Someone wrote, “so not living on the mountain in you little home, huh?” It was clear that they had no understanding that Rain was posting a photo from the summer (which she pretty much said in the caption) to offset the harsh winter currently underway. However, this is not really a surprise because some fans look for any reason to think the family doesn’t live in the “bush” in real life.

Of course, those people also likely haven’t watched the show in a few years. In many social media posts, there are fans who say the photos don’t look like they are fighting for survival in the Alaskan bush, calling the show fake. The problem here is simple. The Brown family has not lived in Alaska since Ami had her cancer scare. Alaskan Bush People have shown in detail how the family moved to Washington.

Where does the Alaskan Bush People family live?

Rain Brown in an Instagram pic
Rain Brown in an Instagram pic

There is no concrete answer to where the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People really live. There are people who claim they live in a mansion in California, but there is no proof of that outside of people chatting online. When asked, the family denies this categorically and says they live where the series shows that they live. According to the family, they live on their mountain, in real homes, and work on their ranch.

This is not the bush. Rain has her own little house that looks a lot like the one in the background of the picture from her social media post. Ami has a cute two-story house as well that she lives in on the family ranch. Both Gabe and Bear had plans to build their own homes on the mountain, which played out last season. Bear actually said on the show he had contracted people to build his home.

Noah and his wife have publicly admitted that they do not live on the mountain, and said they have their own home. However, they live close enough to show up and work on the ranch for the family business. No reality TV show is completely real life, but fans will always doubt the Alaskan Bush People‘s living conditions. This includes people who don’t watch the show and think they still live in the bush of Alaska.

Do you think Rain Brown lives in her little house on the family mountain? Do you think she shares a mansion in California with her family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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