‘Special Forces’ Hannah Brown Talks Challenges

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Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown went out of her comfort zone and joined Fox’s new series Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. The intense and challenging show took celebrities and pushed them to their limits. Now, Hannah is speaking out about her time on the show and all the challenges she faced. Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Brown talks challenges on Special Forces

E! News shared what Hannah Brown had to say about going on the show and how it pushed and challenged her. She began by letting everyone know that just like others, her 2022 wasn’t as fabulous as it appeared on social media. She went on to say, “I had gotten in a mind trap or this cycle that I was weak.” Hannah continued, “I had gone through a lot of mental health things and just in my body not doing what I needed it to do for a good year and a half before the show and I had really gotten this limited belief about what my strength was.”

Hannah said when the producers asked her to join the series she thought it would be a good way to challenge herself. No doubt it would be tough for anyone as the show is led by ex-Special Forces operatives.


There were a lot of fearful moments

The show filmed in Jordan and Hannah says the living conditions were the hardest part of it all. She said, “All we were given was a box that had three pairs of underwear, two bras. We had two sets of clothes for the entire time, a bar soap and a toothbrush. We were on the tiniest cots all in a tent outside in the Jordanian desert going to the bathroom in buckets with a piece of plywood in between us that our heads were out the whole time.”

In another interview, Hannah said she was swarmed by about 50 flies as she went to the bathroom. She couldn’t take it and opted to proceed to potty outside the stalls being used as restrooms.

The show pushes everyone to their limits and Hannah revealed it remains very uncomfortable the entire time. She even said at times it feels as if one if fighting for their life. However, she learned a lot about herself. She said, “I think this show taught me that I’m so much stronger than I think I am and I have come a long way.” Hannah continued, “Even when it feels like you can’t take any more, there’s always this extra gear that we all have.”

Fans will have to tune into Special Forces on Wednesday nights to see how far Hannah makes it. She also shared that following the show she traveled around Europe. Hannah is joined by other stars such as Jamie Lynn Spears, Kate Gosselin, Beverly Mitchell and more.

Did you catch the premiere episode?


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