‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Life Without Kody Update

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Janelle and Kody Brown were married for three decades. So, Sister Wives fans wonder how it looks and what it feels like to be single and free after being married to the same man for 30 years. Speaking exclusively to InTouch Weekly, a source close to Janelle claims being a divorced woman doesn’t really feel that different for the TLC personality. Moreover, she isn’t really feeling the void of her former husband Kody in her life.

Janelle Brown’s life mostly unchanged by divorce?

As Sister Wives fans saw on this past season of the series, Janelle Brown wasn’t exactly too concerned with consulting Kody before making big decisions. When she made the purchase of the fifth wheel, for example, it was a spontaneous decision she made on her own. Kody made it clear he was not happy she just did her own thing and never consulted him on decisions as it made him feel inferior as the head of the household.

Janelle Brown, however, made it equally clear during confessionals that she never signed up to bow down to Kody and would continue doing what she wanted.

Janelle brown - Kody Brown - Youtube
Janelle brown – Kody Brown – Youtube

Butting heads came up again when Janelle and her daughter Savanah Brown moved into a small apartment. Kody wasn’t happy with the size of the apartment as he felt there was really no room for him in it. Again, he questioned why he wasn’t part of the decision-making process.

With this information, being divorced from Kody doesn’t really change things much for Janelle. She’s an independent and strong woman who was making her own choices while she was married to him. Now, she just doesn’t have to deal with him throwing tantrums because she’s no longer obligated to consult him for anything.

Source says she’s unbothered by Kody’s absence

Speaking to InTouch Weekly, a source close to Janelle notes that she really hasn’t spent much time around Kody for the past few years. So, this lines up with fans assuming Kody and his wives (outside of Robyn) only really came together long enough to film new episodes of Sister Wives. The source also adds that Janelle is trying to be a bigger and better person. So, she’s not focused on hating or resenting her ex-husband.

For now, the source doesn’t believe Janelle is rushing out to replace Kody either. She’s currently focusing on herself and her children.

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Does it surprise you that being divorced from Kody isn’t that different from what Janelle Brown was previously living when married to him? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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