‘MAFS’ Update: Are Lindy & Miguel Still Together?

lindy and Miguel mafs via YouTube

Fans have been trying to figure out the status between MAFS couple Lindy and Miguel. There’s been plenty of opinions on them as a couple. Some felt like Lindy wasn’t married to Miguel for the right reasons. Others think they are adorable. So, have they survived so far or have they parted ways? Keep reading to find out more.

Are MAFS couple Lindy and Miguel still together?

Are MAFS couple Lindy and Miguel from Season 15 still together? There are many who didn’t think they would last. There has been very little signs to prove they are still a couple. Many have noticed that there hasn’t been any mention of either spouse on one another’s social media for a while. Plus, some noted that Lindy was seen traveling and also not wearing her wedding ring. So, what’s going on?

Fans went to Reddit to share what they were able to dig up. They shared a collage that Lindy shared on her Instagram Story which featured some of her photos from 2022. She wrote “Mexico x 3 trips, Canada, Vietnam, #2022” Most believe this proves Lindy and Miguel are still married.

lindy and miguel via Youtube

When the speculation began that they were not together anymore, Lindy did go and pin a post to her Instagram. This was back on November 29. The video featured Lindy and Miguel in their wedding clothes on the beach taking more photos. She captioned saying, “To all the inquisitions, Miguel and I ask that you please respect our privacy as we continue to navigate our marriage. We have shared so much of our relationship and are loving the peace of not filming a TV show. Thank you for understanding, we love you all! #mafs #watn #marriedatfirstsight #miguelandlindy #mafsseason15”

So, this is the most that anyone seems to know at the moment. Perhaps they will share more soon.

Their marriage

Lindy and Miguel married each other at first sight on Season 15 of the hit reality show. They initially hit it off instantly. However, like all other couples, they did run into some bumps in the road. Many weren’t sure if they would make it. They surprised and delighted fans when they opted to stay together on decision day.

They have a lot of work to do but have been making plans for the future including having children possibly within a year.

What do you think? Do you believe Lindy and Miguel are still married?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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