‘GMA’ Michael Strahan Returns With Deep Message To Viewers

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GMA co-host Michael Strahan is back but he has returned with a very deep message to share. Strahan typically returns to his seat on Tuesdays but was visibly absent until Thursday. There was a very good reason for his absence but also quite a sad one. Why was he gone and more so what did he share with his viewers? Read on for more details.

GMA Michael Strahan Returns With Deep Message To Viewers

Michael Strahan is usually absent from GMA on Mondays due to Sunday Night Football. However, this had been an extended absence as he had been away since before the holidays. The hosts tend to take their vacations and then return after the New Year. This was the case for Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. However, it was expected that Strahan would return to his seat Tuesday yet when he was absent, fans were understandably confused.

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Fortunately, Michael Strahan was back Thursday, January 5th, according to The Sun. However, he admitted that the past few days had been tough. On Monday night, Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field. The game had just begun and it caused the game to be called almost immediately. He is still in critical condition but, with Strahan being a former pro-NFL player, this was a very hard pill to swallow. “It’s hard to put it away and say, ‘okay, let’s play a game,'” Strahan noted.

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He added that he was lucky to get out of the game relatively unscathed. Strahan then proceeded to send out gratitude to those who donated and supported Damar during this extremely difficult time. “As a former player, I want to thank all the fans and the NFL community out there for stepping up for this young man,” he added. George Stephanopoulos let him know that this was, “Well said, well said.”

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Fans must be extremely grateful to have Michael Strahan back on GMA after him being away for so long. They had started taking to social media to ask where he was. When he was still absent on Tuesday, January 3rd, one fan tweeted: “@michaelstrahan where are you at 7am now???” These questions made their way over to Instagram with one person asking: “We’ve missed you on GMA for over 2 weeks now are you sick?? What’s really going on.” Now that he is back, it is definitely a big relief for fans who probably wondered if he would ever return.

Are you happy that Michael Strahan has made his way back? Plus, are you pleased that he took the time to address Damar Hamlin in such a kind way? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Michael is a REAL gentleman’s man. Loved that he talked about Damar and showed the real emotion that a lot of us all feel. So happy he is on GMA. I watch every day.

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