‘American Pickers’ Frank Fritz Ignored On Premiere, Fans Livid

Frank Fritz YouTube American Pickers

American Pickers Season 24 premiered on January 4, 2023, on the History Channel and fans went livid after their favorite Frank Fritz was blatantly ignored in the episode. The last time people saw Frank on the reality show was in March 2020 after which he took some time to recover from his back surgery. Ever since fans have expected the reality star to return but he has been replaced by Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie Wolfe on the show. What are fans angry with American Pickers for? Keep reading to find out the details!

American Pickers Season 24 Failed To Mention Frank Fritz

The TV show last aired on October 9, 2022, after suffering poor ratings throughout the year. After it was confirmed that Frank Fritz won’t be appearing on the show, the series started losing its long-time viewers. Moreover, the show shifted to a new time which also led to confusion costing the show an additional drop in ratings.

Frank Fritz YouTube American Pickers

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Even if the show gained its popularity given the on-screen chemistry between Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, on Wednesday’s premiere, he was nowhere mentioned. Even with a massive contribution to the show, Frank Fritz became a perished history for the show makers. Once again, the host Mike Wolfe was joined by his brother Robbie as reported by The Sun.

Fans Demand The Return Of Frank Fritz On American Pickers

However, fans took to Twitter to share their displeasure as one wrote, “American Pickers without Frank is like.. hmm watching the Patriots without Brady. Kinda sucks.”

Another wondered, “How’s Frank doing?”

“Bring back Frank. We miss him,” demanded a third fan.

A fourth pleaded, “It’s a New Year! Bring Frank back! Please!”

Despite the fact that Frank wished to return to the show, his firing was announced in July 2021. The 57-year-old had left the show to recover from his grueling back surgery. He ended up with two rods in his spine and a total of 185 stitches. While he took time off American Pickers, Frank Fritz lost more than 65 pounds and stayed sober from alcohol. He also revealed that he had checked into rehab in Iowa to overcome his alcohol abuse for 77 days.

Will Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Appear On The Show?

Later in July 2022, the former American Pickers host was hospitalized for a stroke after his friend found him on the floor in his Iowa house. There are slim chances of Frank Fritz featuring on the show in the future. However, rumors suggest that Mike’s girlfriend Leticia Cline will appear on the show.

Ahead of Season 24’s premiere, Leticia shared a picture of hers with Mike with the caption, “Tomorrow,” tagging American Pickers’ official Instagram account. She also added the tag, “New episode.”

Leticia Cline YouTube

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If rumors are true, this would be her first appearance on the History Channel show.

Do you think Frank Fritz should have been a part of the latest season of American Pickers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. So glad to see Frank will return to Pickers. The two friends had ying and yang… They worked well together and like the old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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