Actress Shamed For Dropping Ball On ‘Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune’

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An actress was recently shamed for completely dropping the ball on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Abbott Elementary star Janelle James got a chance at the double bonus round. A million dollars was on the line. However, she fumbled over the clue and fans were in absolute shock over it. So, what exactly happened? Read on for more details.

Actress Shamed For Dropping Ball On Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has become a fan favorite as viewers love to watch celebrities compete for charities. There’s also a lot of comedic relief during the episodes and a few snafus. In the latest episode, the cast of Abbott Elementary joined in. Sheryl Lee Ralph was there with Chris Perfetti and Janelle James who was playing on behalf of the Innocence Project.

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According to The Sun, Janelle James was doing quite well during her time on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, she struggled once she made it to the double bonus round. The clue was apparently quite obvious to viewers at home and even to James after the fact. Her category was “food and drinks” and she essentially had to solve “pretzels and mustards.” She nailed the latter but struggled with the former and this was mind-boggling for both James and the viewers.

“What the f-?!,” James responded along with her cast members who felt just as bad that she could not get it right. Then, fans took to Twitter to express their frustration. “I screamed it out she saw mustard before me and I saw Pretzels right away,” one tweeted. Another added: “Seems like the Bonus Puzzles are easier on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune than on regular Wheel and somehow the celebrities still don’t get the puzzle right.” Finally, a fan had this to tweet: “Even I knew it was Pretzels and Mustard..”

Missing The Show

Recently, fans of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and Celebrity Jeopardy! expressed their frustration when both shows when on hiatus. It was unexpected but fortunately, CWoF returned much faster with only taking two weeks off. However, Celebrity Jeopardy! ended in November and does not return until this month. That was quite a shock to fans who would have liked some sort of warning that they would not have it on every Sunday like they were used to. Additionally, it is also changing nights from Sunday to Thursday, meaning it will be back on January 5th.

What are your thoughts on the celebrity editions of these shows? Do you think they go easier on the contestants? Plus, are you surprised Janelle James missed this answer? Let us know in the comments below.


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