Exciting Moment Abigail Heringer Swims With Cochlear Implant

Abigail Heringer via Instagram

Abigail Heringer shares an exciting moment with fans when she swims for the first time with her cochlear implant. The Bachelor in Paradise alum shared her exciting experience on TikTok for everyone to see. Boyfriend and Oklahoma native Noah Erb was right by her side cheering her on as she took the plunge, literally. Keep reading to find out more.

Abigail Heringer swims for the first time with cochlear implant

The Bachelor alum Abigail Heringer has been very open and vocal about her hearing loss and getting cochlear implants. She’s gained a huge fan base which has grown even more since falling in love with Noah on Season 7 of BIP. Abigail is very open and shares stories and also educates followers on hearing loss.

Now, while on vacation with Noah, Abigail is testing out her new waterproof cochlear implant. She is in the pool while Noah is filming her and encouraging her to go underwater. She was nervous about getting them wet even though they are waterproof.

On the TikTok she wrote, “hearing for the first time while swimming and I’m obsessed!! #aquaplus #cochlear”

Abigail Heringer/Instagram
Abigail Heringer/Instagram

After her first time coming back up above water she tested them and said they still worked. She noted how weird it is. She then wanted Noah to talk to her while she was underwater. He told her he didn’t think it would work that way but they tried it anyway. She then said he was right and she couldn’t hear that well underwater. However, they both noted how cool it is that she can now swim without removing her cochlear implant.

It’s a whole new world for her that she is excited to explore.

Noah and Abigail

This adorable couple met and fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. They didn’t leave together but ended back up together shortly after the show ended. They’ve been inseparable ever since. In fact, they now live together in California.

They both have talked about getting married one day and fans are excited for the day when Noah pops the question. Hopefully that day will come but in the meantime they are just living life and enjoying their time together.

This was the first year the couple spent Christmas together.

Noah and Abigail via Insta

What do you think about Abigail taking a plunge with her cochlear implant? Do you know anyone who uses one as well?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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