Todd Chrisley Has Left Many D*ck-Notized, He’s No ‘Small Scoop’?

Todd Chrisley - Julie Chrisley Youtube

Todd Chrisley recently broke his silence on accusations he had a gay affair with his former business partner. Turns out, Todd wasn’t exactly offended by the homosexual accusations. He was simply offended people didn’t have a higher bar on who he would crawl into bed with. Speaking to his son Chase Chrisley during an episode of his Chrisley ConfessionsĀ podcast, Todd admits that he isn’t too surprised his business partner claimed they had an affair though. As he firmly believes everyone wants a piece of his manhood.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley Youtube

Todd Chrisley says people get ‘d*ck-notized’ by him

After likening his former business partner to both a toad and a thumb, Todd admits it is just embarrassing that anyone would believe for even a moment that he would be intimate with his former business partner. He added that he would be far less embarrassed by the situation if he had been accused of being intimate with an attractive celebrity such as Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

That is the one thing that is the most insulting, to say that I couldn’t pull something better than that. There’s better to be had by Todd Chrisley than that.”

Moreover, Todd schooled his son Chase on the fact that his business partner never would have been able to handle being intimate with the reality TV star. Todd considers himself to be quite the experience in the bedroom. And, he admits that he’s left many people “d*ck-notized.”

Todd Chrisley - YouTube
Todd Chrisley – YouTube

Furthermore, the reality TV star proceeded to point out that his business partner made it seem as though they had an affair out of boredom. Claiming it was simply something to try/do to pass the time. He pointed out that he wasn’t a sample, he was the entire spoon.

I ain’t that small spoon at Baskin-Robbins. I’m the whole scoop. You don’t get to sample here.”

So, the few takeaways from his broken silence were simple:

  • Todd Chrisley has pretty high standards as far as a gay lover is considered.
  • Being intimate with Todd is a wild experience.
  • And, a lot of people want to romp with the reality TV star.

As fans know, Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley have a little less than two weeks before they are required to report to prison to serve their sentences. Unfortunately, this means this may be one of the final Chrisley ConfessionsĀ podcasts featuring Todd for a pretty long time.

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