The Real Person Behind Robyn Brown’s Hideous Brows

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Sister Wives fans have often debated Robyn Brown’s weird eyebrows and now they might have finally decoded the real person who is behind those cartoonish creations. While Robyn is popular for her high and mighty, better than all toxic nature, fans also can’t quit complaining about her eyebrows. However, fans also know what her real eyebrows look like and they can’t help but call out the reality star for her poor makeup skills. So, who is this person behind Robyn Brown’s berserk eyebrows? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sister Wives Fans In Awe Of Robyn Brown’s Natural Eyebrows

When Robyn Brown landed in the hospital due to COVID-19, she self-filmed herself from the emergency room. This is when fans saw her real eyebrows and they looked way better than her overdrawn ones seen on camera. Fans even claimed that getting sick was the best thing that happened to her eyebrows.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives TLC

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However, fans can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with Mykelti Padron and her eyebrow-drawing skills. The mother of three has been called out time and again for going way too dark and overdrawing her eyebrows similar to what fans see Robyn Brown doing with hers. On Reddit, fans shared a picture of Mykelti’s weird brows comparing her with Robyn’s eyebrows.

Does Mykelti Padron Wish To Stand Out From Her Siblings?

The OP claimed it is Mykelti who is responsible for Robyn Brown’s eyebrows. However, it is unknown who inspired who. One fan quipped, “This has to be a joke. She’s trolling us. There is no way anyone would think that looks good. Other than Robyn, of course.”

Another added, “All I see is Ted Cruz.”

“Why do Maddie, Leon, and Mykelti hate their natural blonde hair color? I don’t get it at all,” questioned a third user.

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A fourth replied, “I assume they all wanted to look different from their blonde siblings, no matter if the darker hair color flattered them or not. Especially Maddie looks exactly like Janelle with her blonde hair. Which is not a bad thing, but I guess, as a teenager, she wanted to stand out. IMHO, all of them, Maddie, Leon, and Mykelti looked far better with lighter hair.”

Does Mykelti Copy Robyn Brown To Please Her Father?

While some fans claimed that Mykelti is influenced by her husband Tony’s Hispanic heritage which causes her to go darker with her hair, others claimed it might have to do something with Kody Brown. Sister Wives fans know how Mykelti Brown craves her father’s attention. Her close relationship with Robyn Brown is a testament that proves how she would do anything to please her father. So, fans feel her dark and overdrawn eyebrows might have been an attempt to look more like Robyn and a chance to be closer to her father.

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Who do you think inspired who? Was it Robyn Brown who inspired Mykelti or is it the other way around? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Robyn and Kody deserve one another. Both of them are selfish controlling as hell. I personally don’t like her two oldest daughter’s, they are like her, nothing is good enough. They make me sick.

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