The MILFs Are Headed For TLC Soon: Premiere Date

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MILF Manor is getting ready to premiere on TLC. It is actually arriving faster than one would expect. However, some fans of TLC are questioning what this show is actually about. It is going to be a lot of fun for those participating plus there is a highly-anticipated twist. Read on for more details, especially when it will debut.

The MILFs Are Headed For TLC Soon: Premiere Date

Eight MILFs will be heading to MILF Manor very soon. They have done their time as mothers and wives but now they are looking for fun. Admittedly, they have a penchant for younger men and that is what they desire. In this manor in Mexico, anything can and will happen when eight men join them. However, there is a twist within these men that is absolutely jaw-dropping for the MILFs. What exactly is the twist?

Responding to the preview, some had this to say about the possible twist: “I swear to god if it’s each other’s sons I’m gonna lose it.” Another added: “You know that’s the twist. What else could it be?” According to In Touch Weekly, the cast consists of an array of women. One MILF Manor participant is 47 from Miami and owns a fitness studio while another is 50 from the OC. There’s also a 44-year-old New Jersey to LA transplant and an LA fitness instructor/singer, 59.

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Finally, there is a former B-girl turned event planner who is 50. If nothing more, maybe some great friendships will be formed as they seem to live in close proximity. With a new promo post on TLC, fans of the network were shocked at how long the network had sunk. “REALLY TLC? Are you so desperate for this kind of content that you’re risking your integrity?” one noted. However, someone else pointed out that TLC will always have content.

When Does The Fun Begin?

The women of MILF Manor look like they are going to have a lot of fun. So, when does this fun actually start? The show will debut on TLC on Sunday, January 15th at 10 pm. No word just yet if it will be available to stream on discovery+ being that it is a new series but many are hopeful that it will be. The biggest question right now is what the twist with the eight men will be. All that is known is that they will be younger. However, that can mean anything. Judging by the looks on the eight MILFs faces, this is a twist no one will want to miss.

Will you be watching MILF Manor? More so, what are you most excited about when it finally premieres? Let us know in the comments below.

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