Real Reason Robyn Brown Needs MORE Than Other Sister Wives?

Robyn Brown via YouTube 6

Why is it that Robyn Brown seems to need more than the other Sister Wives? Gwendlyn Brown has been recapping episodes from Season 17 of the hit TLC show. Along with her recaps she allows fans to ask questions on Patreon. She took the top questions and tried to provide honest answers. This time around after she recapped Episode 3, Gwendlyn shared the top question was fans wanting to know why Robin is the only wife who has never worked yet needs the most resources and help. Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Why does Robyn Brown need the most help?

Gwendlyn Brown answered the question on her YouTube page about Robyn Brown. It was obvious Gwendlyn was trying to be nice and she even noted it was a loaded question to answer. She revealed that technically Robyn is working “technically” on the My Sister Wives Closet. She went on to note that since it is not as successful as they would want it to be that it is probably very overwhelming for Robyn. Gwendlyn said it might take a lot of Robyn’s time and energy to focus and work on that project. She concluded with “I don’t know, respectively.”

Fans have always questioned why Robyn seems to have it all and does nothing. She has a nanny and lives in a million dollar home. Many feel she and Kody have mooched off the other wives for years.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

My Sister Wives Closet

Another fan wanted to know how the Sister Wives Closet all played out. Gwendlyn shared that when she was in middle school Christine was into it and would buy the jewelry from Robyn and have them wear it to school or on social media to promote it. However, now, Gwendlyn says she does not wear it as it is no longer the style she likes.

It was mentioned that it was a cool idea to wear jewelry that represents one’s family and their love for one another. Gwendlyn pointed out that there are also a lot of self love pieces in the collection that fans can purchase online. However, since she no longer wears the products she said she really doesn’t know how it is currently going for Robyn with her business.

In other YouTube broadcasts, Gwendlyn has made it known that she really doesn’t like Robyn as a person. She is definitely not close to her like she is with Janelle and Meri.

What do you think about My Sister Wives Closet?

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  1. I’m so very ashamed and embarrassed for Robin & Kody…I only hope that they live with their selfish self serving lives lies and feel the wrath of God…Then Robin will have real reason to cry….and Kody can scream and yell all he wants…They both think they are all that and a bag of chips…Wrong

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