Demi Burnett’s Mom Released From Prison, All The Details

Demi Burnett shared the thrilling news with her followers that her mother was out of prison. Burnett has been very open sharing that her mother went to prison for conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Unfortunately, her mom had to return to prison, despite being released, when she violated probation with a failed drug test. Demi shared that updated news with her friends and followers.

Burnett first came on the scene when she was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season. After failing to find love with Colton, she went to Paradise twice. She won and got engaged, but the relationship didn’t last with Kristian Haggarty. She’s stated she will never go on Bachelor in Paradise again. While she’s been sharing a lot of her life with fans lately, there hasn’t been a lot related to her love life. Then, Burnett took to her Instagram to share that her mother was out of prison and they are healing their relationship.

Demi Burnett Was Thrilled Sharing The News

Demi Burnett looks very happy in her pictures. She let everyone know her mother had gotten out. Furthermore, Burnett said they Facetime every night and she’s enjoying time with her again. She posted some pictures of herself wearing an animal print jacket and pants with a heart crop top. In her post, she said, “life update: my mom is out.” Demi shared she’d talked to her mother daily since her release and asked if anyone had any questions and she’d ask her so she could share.

Demi Burnett, YouTube
Demi Burnett, YouTube

According to Bachelor Nation, when her mother returned to prison, Demi wasn’t sure when she’d get out. Her mother’s experience has inspired Demi. As we reported, Demi wants to help other women in prison like her mother. She has been trying to connect with inmates to help, “give them a voice.”

Bachelor Nation Stars and Fans Are Happy For Her

Demi Burnett has a lot of support from her followers. One commented on her post saying, “Demi, I’m so happy you and your mom are growing and working on rebuilding a relationship.” Despite leaving a bit of a controversial mark for herself in Bachelor Nation by being open about her sexuality and a little loud, Demi still looks out for others. She posted an inspiring video about mental health on her TikTok. She also used her Instagram to raise awareness about the dangers of quitting alcohol cold turkey.

Demi Burnett, TikTok
Demi Burnett, TikTok

Demi Burnett had a message about strength to share with those who might need it. “Being a strong person is in moments where you’re faced with a difficulty and you have a choice,” she said, “you choose the better option for yourself.”

Demi goes on to say when she feels insecurities sneaking up on her, she’s going to remember who she is and not let them. It also appears that she wants to give back and work with those incarcerated. What do you think about Demi wanting to work with inmates? Plus, how do you feel about her and her mother reconnecting? Comment with your thoughts below.

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