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Tommy DiDario’s Husband Gio Recalls Meeting Barbara Walters


Good Morning America guest host and Tommy DiDario’s husband Gio Benitez recently paid tribute to journalist late Barbara Walter. He and co-host Stephanie Ramos have been filling in for T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach amid ongoing relationship controversy. What did the temporary GMA host say about Barbara Walters? Keep reading to find out the details!

Gio Benitez Says Barbara Walters Is A Journalism Icon

On Sunday, Gio Benitez shared a picture of himself with the veteran journalist on Instagram. He began the tribute by noting that the word icon has often been overused. However, when it comes to Barbara Walters, it is the perfect description of her accomplishments over five decades. He then described his first meeting with The View co-creator.

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He wrote, “I first met her when I was just six months into the job at ABC News. I was about to walk into our ‘tracking booth’ (where voiceovers are recorded) when @johnrgreen526 told me Barbara was inside narrating one of her brilliant specials.”

Gio Benitez Barbara Walters Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“The nerves kicked in—I was just moments away from meeting a giant in journalism, a woman whose interviews quite literally set the standard. She was gracious, kind, and curious to learn more about me,” he explained.

Tommy DiDario And Gio Benitez Share A Christmas Kiss

Last week, Gio and his husband Tommy sent fans wild after they shared a sweet clip of adorable kisses ahead of Christmas. As the couple knelt in front of the Christmas tree, they wished everyone happy holidays. Tommy and Gio sat in front of their Christmas tree and shared the clip on Instagram. The temp GMA anchor wore a Santa hat with a Christmas sweater while Tommy wore a gray beanie paired with a black, long-sleeved shirt.

Gio Benitez Tommy DiDario Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Gio held onto a small, fake white tree as the DiDario Consulting Inc. owner played with his husband’s hat. Together, they chuckled as Tommy held onto Gio’s arm before he kissed his cheeks. Tommy captioned the picture, “From our goofy family to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. #BuonNatale #FelizNavidad #Christmas.” The couple has been married since 2016 and mostly lives a private life.

Gio Benitez Learns Some Last-Minute Gift-Wrapping Hacks

While Gio shared this adorable moment with his husband, he was also busy Saturday morning as he anchored GMA. The guest host lead a segment dedicated to last-minute gift-wrapping hacks, something most viewers badly needed. He showed one hack right in the studio itself.

Gio Benitez YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Gio Benitez was taught to use either socks or a tea towel to wrap up a wine bottle. He also reported on fun Christmas segments such as where Santa currently is. However, he also dedicated time to some serious topics like the Tory Lanez verdict who was responsible for shooting Megan Thee Stallion about two years ago.

What do you think of Tommy DiDario’s husband Gio Benitez’s tribute to Barbara Walters? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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