‘The Voice’ Fans Demand Gwen Stefani To Grow Up

Gwen Stefani Wears Gold Hoops [Gwen Stefani | Instagram]

Gwen Stefani still feels like that ska-punk girl from her heyday. However, fans think she needs to grow up. This comes as she debuted a whole new look on Instagram. The No Doubt singer showed off her plump red lips, fishnets in cowgirl boots, and black dip-dyed tresses. Fans are less than impressed and slammed her look. Keep on reading to learn more.

Gwen Stefani goes back to her old ways

The Voice coach took to Instagram to show off her new wild style in time for 2023. The video showed her dressed in ska-punk fashion. You can take the girl out of Orange County, but you can’t take the Orange County out of the girl. Gwen Stefani may be married to Blake Shelton these days, but she’s still very much her old self.

Gwen Stefani Wears Glamorous Silver Dress & Fur [Gwen Stefani | Instagram]
[Gwen Stefani | Instagram]
She wore a black-and-white checkered cardigan with a black-and-white graphic print dress. She paired her look with fishnet stockings and black-and-white herringbone boots. Gwen Stefani also debuted her black dip-dyed tresses, which she rocked before on the set of the NBC singing competition.

She also showed off her black-and-white matching manicure. The singer looked like a stylish zebra. In the clip, Gwen held up a tube and shook it to the camera. She smiled as she lounged back on her black-and-white checkered couch.

guess what’s coming 2 the @sephora app tomorrowww 👀🖤,” Gwen Stefani wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

She was teasing something new from her GXVE Beauty brand. Some fans took to the comment section to react. They criticized her for promoting her makeup and the life of luxury. One fan accused her of making her fans “buy buy buy.” They added: “‘Life of Luxury.’ You masonry puppets are all the same.”

Another joked: “That outfit would be a nightmare to wash out without fading.” A third wrote: “That’s a whole lot of checkerboard stuff!”

The Voice fans are over Gwen’s wild style

Gwen Stefani continued the black-and-white trend in another Instagram video. She wore a black-and-white checkered print shift with fishnet stockings and white cowgirl boots. She shook her head back and forth in the Instagram video as she showed off her short hair and red plump lips with a matching red manicure.

The pop star did a dance for the camera. She was in the mood to ring in the New Year. In her caption, Gwen Stefani wrote: “this year flew by in a blink of an eye 😘 can’t wait to ring in 2023 tonight with u @venetianvegas !! 🤍

Some fans weren’t a fan of her New Year’s Eve look. They think the 53-year-old should grow and evolve with her fashion. Here are just some of the comments slamming her outfit.

  • “You are getting more and more ridiculous!! Grow up and be your own age…geez.”
  • “How old is she? Acts and dresses like she’s in her ’20s. NOT.”
  • “No. Just no.”
  • She looks like mutton dressed as lamb. Trying too hard – you can’t dress like this anymore as it looks desperate.

What are your thoughts on Gwen Stefani’s new look for the New Year? Do you think she looks great? Or, do you think it’s time for her fashion to evolve? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Gwen’s job is entertaining us. She’s doing exactly that by dressing outrageously, and I love it! She beautiful and brave! Persevere Gwen!❤️

  2. I think Gwen looks gorgeous ! Get over it people , clothes don’t come with an expiration date of when a. person should stop wearing it . Gwen is in fashion and if you don’t like it that’s your opinion, but you don’t have to be so rude about it. Here’s a thought, let’s everyone Voice our opinion and say something nice or nothing at all. As for Blake, I’m sure he likes her anyway she looks. After all that’s not what makes a person !!

    1. She is a Bad Ass ! People who can’t rock that look either because they care what people think or they just don’t look good! Get off her case she is gorgeous still coming out with her own trends ! Love it girl ! Keep sharing your looks.

  3. How old is Gwen now? She is no longer a teeny bopper. She could look so beautiful if she dressed more her age. If not for her husband and fans do it for her boys. My kids would embarrassed if I tried to dress in a Mini skirts at boots plus my grandkids would think I was weird.

    1. I believe that she should be able to dress the way she likes. just because us chubby ladies can’t wear checks doesn’t mean she can’t.

    2. Totally agree with you Sue. At 53 years old she needs to grow up some. Design this, as she says on The Voice, for the younger generation. My kids would also be embarrassed if I dressed like that …. But maybe that what Blake likes?!? 🤔😉

  4. She should be able to wear what she wants. Wish I could dress like that. She is the best! Leave her alone!! Jealous I do believe!

  5. Isn’t great we can wear whatever we want to wear in AMERICA? If you don’t like what someone wears….don’t look.
    Go look on the mirror first. Ugly goes deeper than clothes.

  6. Gwen Setafani, is her own person. She would look Beautiful in a paper bag. S ounds to me like some one is jealous. Because Gwen can pull it off. And the whiner won’t even get close. Gwen is a Rocker and always will be. Love ya Gwen Stefanie Shelton. 💖🎉

  7. I think Gwen is gorgeous. She’s always had her own kind of style, and she shouldn’t have to change it. I love her hair, clothing, and have always loved her red lipstick. Don’t expect her to dress up like a old lady. And apparently Blake likes it to otherwise they wouldn’t be married!! Good luck to a awesome 2023 Gwen.

  8. I personally love it. Love black and white the hair is great why do u have to dress ur age. wait till u r in ur 50. When u r u dont feel old. Ur mind and some people’s bodies r still in their 20-40. Let people dress the way they feel comfortable I love ur look. If u r in ur 50 which I would surprised out U LOOK FABULOUS.

  9. …the Voice fans are saying she needs to grow up?!!! Ha! Everyone else says different. I love that lady’s spunk, her music, and not to mention she is beautiful… I hope she reads more of the positive vibes… people are cruel.

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