Fans Call Out Hoda Kotb For Putting Kids In Danger

The Today Show host Hoda Kotb hopped on social media to share a few snapshots of the last moments of 2022. While many swooned over her family photos, others took to the comment section to express concern over the kids’ safety. Keep reading to see why.

Hoda Kotb Rang In The New Year With Family

Hoda Kotb took the time to share a few photos from her New Year’s Eve celebration. In them, you can see Hoda’s two daughters Hope Catherine and Haley Joy.  Hoda’s friend Jennifer Miller is also present in the photo gallery.

The photos shared to Instagram Hoda, Jennifer, and the two little girls playing with balloons and noise makers. You can see Hoda Kotb in an all-white shirt and pants outfit. Her daughters, on the other hand, were dressed in matching red dresses to celebrate the start of a new year.


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As you continue to scroll through the photo gallery, you can see that the two girls made their way out to the balcony with sparklers. By all accounts, it was a heartwarming, family-friendly post about how Hoda Kotb spent her New Year’s Eve with her daughter.

Many people took to the comment section to compliment Hoda and her gorgeous daughters. “Hoda LOVE you & your family,” one fan commented. Other people took to the comments to talk about how fast the girls were growing. Hoda’s fans have watched them grow up practically.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the comments came with positivity. There was one person who wanted to point out that Hoda Kotb could potentially be putting her kids in danger.

Why Are Today Fans Mad At Hoda Now?

One follower took to the comments to let Hoda know that sparklers aren’t safe for children. “Oh no. Sparklers are really dangerous and the burns can be severe,” they wrote.

Hoda Kotb's daughter holding sparkler - Instagram
Instagram/Hoda Kotb

Of course, sparklers can be extremely dangerous for kids to hold and play with if they are left unsupervised. However, as a few fans pointed out in the comments, the child was obviously supervised by her mom.

Another fan responded to the comment in question and defended Hoda Kotb by saying, “I think I see a mother supervising. I will bet they are a Safe light up! Those are Hoda’s life right there!!”

Nonetheless, seeing the little girl with a sparkler certainly ruffled some feathers. What do you think? Should Hoda Kotb have allowed her child to hold a sparkler? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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