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Was Kody Brown Intoxicated During The Season 17 Tell-All?

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Kody Brown is likely the most unpopular Sister Wives figure among the fanbase. Many fans didn’t mind him when the show first began, but they really can’t stand the man he developed into after 17 seasons. Now that the world knows he lost three wives, fans are seeing a more bizarre side of Kody Brown.

As the three-part tell-all continues, many fans believe that something is going on with the family patriarch. Is it possible that he showed up to the set drunk? Keep reading to see what viewers had to say online about his behavior.

Did Kody Brown show up to film the tell-all while impaired?

Many Sister Wives viewers feel incredibly frustrated after watching the tell-all thus far. They don’t believe that the hostess grills the family hard enough. On top of that, they really don’t appreciate how Kody Brown avoids questions about his beloved Robyn.

Now, many fans actually think Kody might’ve shown up to film while intoxicated. His behavior during the interviews has been completely erratic. Several Sister Wives fans believe that something has to be going on with the family patriarch.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives/TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Kody drunk?” a Redditor asked on the platform this week. “Does anyone else think Kody is intoxicated during the Tell All?”

There weren’t many replies, but most agreed something was amiss with the Sister Wives star.

“He seems like he’s on ‘something,'” another user agreed.

“Steroids, I think. Maybe Adderall too,” someone else chimed in.

If you managed to catch the tell-all, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Was Kody Brown actually impaired while filming? Share your ideas and see what others think.

Fans aren’t surprised all the wives left

After seeing how horribly Kody Brown treats his wives, few fans are surprised that he managed to lose three wives. Christine and Janelle left of their own free will while Kody abandoned Meri. As of the start of 2023, he only has Robyn left.

During the tell-all, Kody has continued to verbally berate his exes and spin the narrative to make them all look bad. At one point, he even panted like a dog to demonstrate how much his wives chased after him. But no matter how much Kody talks, fans just aren’t quite buying what he has to say.

The first two episodes of the tell-all air now out and available for fans to watch. The third episode will air on TLC on Sunday, January 8. If you’ve been following the saga thus far, you really won’t want to miss out on the big finale.Follow TV Shows Ace online for more stories on Sister Wives and your other favorite reality television shows. There will be more to share soon, so stay tuned.

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  1. It appears that the whole show was a farce From the beginning. Robin will be on the back burner once Cody finds another young thing.

  2. Robin is to good for kody. Christine on the other hand, isn’t any better than Kody. I wish Meri would move on, she is a “what you see, is what you get” kinda person, although she might be more than happy livin life single. Janelle simply pisses me off the way she coddles Christine and is not interested in being in a polygamous marriage or a sister wife.

  3. Wow Kody do you take responsibility for anything? Good luck to Meri, Janelle and Christine you all deserve much better than Kody. Robin you are nothing but a manipulative cry baby. If you really wanted a relationship with your sister wives you could have tried harder and quit kissing Kody’s ass so much.

    1. Robyn a CRYBABY? SHE IS DANGEROUS AND CALCULATING! She disassemble an entire family and still continues to fake cry and WHINE. . .NOTHING LIKE A GROWN WOMAN PRETENDING TO CRY AND WHINE. .MAYBE REALITY AND REAL TEARS WILL BE COMING SOON BECAUSE ROBYN HAS NO ONE LEFT TO RUIN! Am I the only person watching some REALLY BAD THEATRICS with NO TEARS? Robyn is REALLY BAD AT PRETENDING TO CRY AND CARE!!! She played a really bad and dangerous game with those other wives and their children!!! I think my favorite moment of Robyn’s existence was when she BEGGED Meri to STAY!!! Someone mentioned that NOW Robyn is going to perhaps be replaced by the SHINIER, PRETTIER, THINNER, YOUNGER, MORE LOYAL, VERSION OF WELL. . .HER!! All of this is questionable as well. . .they kind of lost their religion, family value, moral compass, traditions. . .and most sincerely LOVE FOR GODS SAKE!!! I initially watched this program to learn about this peculiar and different religion(not the Mormon faith . . .KODYS VERSION) lifestyle and way of life to now it being just a joke, and Sh*t Show with no moral fiber in it except for us seeing that Meri, Janelle and Christine’s children have all seemed to grow up and distance themselves as far away from their past and father as possible. I hope ALL of those kids are still connecting, supporting and healing ❤️‍🩹 together. . .I PRAY that they all gather together WITHOUT ROBYN AND KODY and have utterly blessed and fantastic memories!!! However. . .Robyn’s two older daughters. . .when they came to say goodbye to mother Christine. . .the hate was oozing out of those two girls. But yet ROBYN HAS NOT SPOKEN AN ILL WILL ABOUT CHRISTINE HMMM.?? One last thought. . .I SWEAR Robyn had EVERYTHING to do with the Arizona move because her Son was going to college there and what Robyn wants, we see Robyn gets it ALL. . .including Kody. . .let’s face it he’s old, more unattractive, and now that there is a 16 season program – what girl would even remotely think that this has anything to do with a religious premise? This makes KODY more if not utterly undesirable!!! You win Robyn. . .ENJOY YOUR WEDDED BLISS.

  4. The more attention giving to Kody and Robyn the more money they earn ..
    they aren’t worth it.
    I think they need to learn the true meaning of behavior respect and loyalty.. those two have not clue what any of those things truly mean..

  5. How can you have a sister wives show with no sister wives? I don’t see Cody show any love to his kids. Sad. I hope Cody doesn’t have his eyes on Robin’s two older girls. So glad the wives left him even though I think Mary had no self-esteem. I think Mary’s in love with Robin and I think she’s gay.

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