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‘Today Show:’ Jacob Soboroff Unrecognizable In Casual Chic

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Today Show star Jacob Soboroff was unrecognizable in casual chic. Fans were in shock over his attire over the holiday season. The fan favorite gets to enjoy a break since he’s filled in for many of the veteran co-anchors. Jacob filled in for multiple hosts who were absent during the past two weeks.

He’s been making headlines for his fashion lately. TV Shows Ace previously reported when his co-host Dylan Dreyer said he could pull off wearing a party skirt. He agreed with her and said he could see himself in the attire. Now, he’s switching up his style as he spends time outside the workplace.

Jacob Soboroff Signs Off [Instagram]

Jacob Soboroff’s Today Show attire

He normally wears his trademark glasses with a tie and suit on the show. Fans love it whenever Jacob Soboroff fills in for one of the Today Show co-anchors. They didn’t want him to leave when he filled in for Carson Daly. The Voice host went missing from the show because he had to travel to Los Angeles to tape the live Season 22 finale.

Jacob Soboroff took his place during the time. He often filled in at the start of the live broadcast. Fans were disappointed upon Carson’s return. Jacob took to Instagram at the start of December to say goodbye to fans. He shared a photo of himself in his signature attire.

Jacob Soboroff [YouTube]
Jacob threw up the peace sign as he walked off the set in a tweed suit with a button-down shirt and skinny tie. He also wore his nerdy glasses. Fans begged Jacob to return to the Today Show. Most of them prefer his light-hearted personality over Carson’s dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor.

Thankfully, Jacob has since returned to the set of Today. He had big shoes to fill since many of the veteran co-anchors were gone. Jacob returned with his hipster suits and glasses. Yet, he looked different when he snapped a photo of himself out and about in New York City.

Fans gush over the loveable nerd

This past week, Jacob Soboroff enjoyed some New York City pizza. The 39-year-old went casual chic for the occasion. He went to Lucia Pizza to have a big slice. In an Instagram post, Jacob wore a black Patagonia sweatshirt with a gray knitted beanie that covered up his coif.

Jacob Soboroff Eats Pizza [Instagram]
Jacob smiled at the camera as he pointed upward to the ceiling. In his caption, he wrote: “So good” with the pizza emojis. However, fans couldn’t help but fawn over the loveable nerd, even if they didn’t recognize him at first.

  • “Love the hat!”
  • “You look better than the pizza lol.”
  • “So handsome.”

What are your thoughts on Jacob Soboroff’s casual chic look? Do you think it suits him? Or, do you like his work attire? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Jacob Soboroff.

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