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Sukanya Krishnan Fires Back At Kody Brown: ‘Just Say It!’

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Sister Wives tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan finally had enough of Kody Brown. At one point, she exclaimed to him “just say it!” when he was evading a question. It was a great moment for viewers to see Sukanya finally firing back at the father of eighteen after she seemed to let him off quite easily. So, what caused her to snap? Read on for more details.

Sukanya Krishnan Fires Back At Kody Brown: ‘Just Say It!’

It was really hard to get much out of Kody Brown during part two of the tell-all. He had his own narrative that he wanted to share. This was something that his former wives, Christine and Janelle talked about. Christine felt that he painted a false picture of her and how she was. More so, how she behaved and that she was unkind. As for Janelle, she believes that he likes to see things in a way that makes him happy as opposed to how it really played out.

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Host Sukanya Krishnan did not really press Kody as hard as she could or should have. It was clear, by the end, that he had enough of her and the show. At one point, the conversation was regarding Christine and how she had talked poorly about her sister wives. This was hard for Kody Brown because she later became very close to Janelle. This gave him immense trust issues so Sukanya asked him who he did trust. He replied that it was pretty obvious.

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Kody did not want to answer it at all. He proceeded to growl at her, which is not unfounded for him as he was rude to Sukanya the first time she hosted in Season 16. She finally looked him dead in the eye and told him to “just say it!” He said they would get to it at another time. Later on, he was just as evasive when it came to talking about Robyn, and next week, he won’t address her being the favorite wife.

Has She Done Her Job?

Many fans were not happy that Sukanya Krishnan was coming back. They felt she was too easy on Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn. However, this may have been her redeeming moment. She still has one more part of the tell-all to show what she has and in that, she will interview Janelle about leaving Kody. His second wife left him in 2022 but it was not confirmed until the previews for the tell-all came out. What Sukanya lets Kody Brown get away with saying will also be quite telling as to if she is worthy of returning as a host.

Do you think Sukanya is a good host or has she let Kody off too easily? Has he answered enough or been evasive? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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