‘Sister Wives: Tell-All’: Why Is Kody So Tight-Lipped About Robyn?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been all about how great his fourth wife Robyn Brown is throughout Season 17. However, things seemed to take a wild turn in the Tell-All episode as fans saw him get tight-lipped about Robyn. Even when the host Sukanya Krishnan asked if Robyn is his favorite wife, he sneakily avoided answering the question. Why was Kody Brown so tight-lipped about Robyn in the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell-All episode? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sister Wives Fans Unhappy With Kody’s Tell-All Responses

While this season was a fiery one in terms of ratings and drama, fans had been looking forward to the Tell-All episodes, awaiting new revelations. Yes, fans did get some juicy scoops and startling revelations, they wanted to know about Kody’s take on Robyn. Yet, surprisingly, he kept his lips zipped throughout the Tell-All episode. Not just that, viewers are mostly unsatisfied with the reality stars’ responses and the way host Sukanya Krishnan handled them.

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They aren’t unhappy about what was said, rather what remained unsaid.

Kody Gets Sneaky With Robyn’s Favorite Wife Status

Season 17 Tell-All Part 2 aired on January 1, 2022, as a gift for fans awaiting more on Sister Wives. Although the host tried to push Kody to answer some crucial questions, he didn’t seem interested in them at all. For a big part of the episode, he even refused to talk about Robyn. Instead, he avoided answering the questions being thrown at him by Sukanya.

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When the host asked Kody Brown if Robyn is indeed his favorite wife, he replied, “You know, that’s the most unfair question.”

Apart from this particular statement, throughout the Tell-All episode, Kody didn’t talk about Robyn at all. This is why his refusal to talk about his favorite wife in the Tell-All episode has viewers confused.

Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Brown Played It Safe

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss why Kody Brown discussed all three wives but Robyn. The OP wrote, “This was a man who knew he was screwed. If he only praised Robyn after shit-talking the other three, he’d basically be confirming the whole ‘favorite wife’ thing. But if he said anything remotely negative, poor Robyn would be SOOOOOOOO hurt that she’d fake cry for hours. He knew the only safe thing to do was not say anything.”

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Referring to the popular We Don’t Talk About Bruno song from Encanto, one said, “We don’t talk about Robyn….”

Another agreed with the OP stating, “Good point. I was trying to figure out why he didn’t say anything. My only guess was that their relationship is too sacred to even discuss with outsiders. Haha.”

Do you think Kody Brown is trying to avoid any narratives that confirm Robyn is his favorite wife? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I believe that he is narcissistic. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women. He is selfish and only cares a about himself. Not his children or wife’s. As he made it very clear,he’s afraid of being poor.

    1. The only reason Kody is not poor is due to 3 of his four wives. Robin came in with nothing except 3 children, now she has 5 children and owns a home. Who did she contribute to?

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