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Robyn Brown ‘So Angry’ Christine & Janelle Cheated Her

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Robyn Brown is “so angry” that her former sister wives, Christine and Janelle have cheated her. Last week, she claimed that she felt robbed by Christine. Now, in part two of the Sister Wives tell-all, the mother of five is going after two of Kody’s former wives. Yet, what does she feel they cheated her out of? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown ‘So Angry’ Christine & Janelle Cheated Her

In part one of the tell-all, Robyn Brown alleged that Christine robbed her of her dreams. She had hoped that they would grow old as sister wives like she had seen in their church with their grandchildren. Unfortunately, with Christine’s 2021 departure, that never would happen. However, Christine has been welcoming to Robyn Brown. The two gathered at the hospital when Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron welcomed her twin sons, Ace and Archer, in November.

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In part two, Robyn Brown shared that she had fallen in love with the family before Kody. That was so vital to her. Of course, she became emotional and said she was so angry that it had been taken away. With Janelle and Christine no longer in the picture, that ideal family unit had been broken. That was one of her biggest concerns when Christine initially said she was leaving was that her two youngest kids would not experience the true plural family.

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However, the only other “minor” children left were Christine’s daughter, Truely (12), and Janelle’s daughter, Savanah, who was 17 at the time. She is now eighteen so the only kids for Robyn’s littles, Ariella and Solomon to play with would be Truely unless they have more kids. Ultimately, Robyn tells host Sukanya Krishnan that she feels cheated and would not choose this life.

More Wives?

It is unclear if Kody and Robyn Brown will take on more wives now that he has lost three out of four of them. It is clear that Robyn does not want monogamy or at least that is what she has said. She told Janelle in a deep conversation that she could have been with a number of other men but chose Kody. Robyn liked the family and what they stood for. Now, she is desperate for that same unit and for her younger children to have what her three eldest grew up with.

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The only way this is remotely possible is for Kody to take on more wives. Yet, he has seemingly lost his excitement for plural marriage. It will be hard for him to get back in the game. However, if it means he will lose Robyn and the TLC paycheck, he might just consider courting again. Only time will tell what is next for the Brown family.

Do you think Janelle and Christine cheated Robyn Brown? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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