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Kody Brown Ripped For Giving Polygamy A Bad Name

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Sister Wives fans feel Kody Brown has given polygamy a bad name. They believe the Brown family patriarch has twisted the real meaning of a plural family. The TLC reality show started as a way for viewers to learn how a plural family co-exists in a safe space with love for one another. However, with Kody Brown’s abhorrent need for power and satisfying his ego, the show is nothing more than a bad dupe of what a real polygamist family should be. What has Kody Brown done that caused fans to think he is degrading the concept of polygamy? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Forced Himself To Believe In Polygamy

There is a big chance that Kody Brown didn’t really believe in polygamy but forced himself to believe in the lifestyle. Back when he first got married to Meri Brown, his relationship started dwindling after their honeymoon. He even admitted that he married his third wife, Christine Brown, because of her famous family. He confirmed that he was never attracted to Christine and the reason they got married was to be ‘cool’ at Church.

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The 53-year-old further added that his marriage with Meri was strained from the start. Furthermore, he dubbed his marriage with Janelle Brown a “blessing of dilution.”

Recalling his marriage to Janelle, he said, “When Janelle and I got married I thought, ‘Wow, this is something special.’ But looking back I was just ‘bringing more people into a problem.’”

Kody Brown Swept His Problems With Meri Under The Rug

It all started with problems between Meri and Kody. However, instead of addressing the problem or finding out the root cause of it, he just kept bringing more people into the family. Simply put, he just swept the problem under the rug, thinking it would go away on its own. Although the problem was just as out in the open, he chose to ignore it. That was until Robyn entered his life and he found his soulmate in her.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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For the first time, he was really truly in love, and his other wives didn’t matter to him anymore. Although at first, he was sly about his favoritism towards Robyn, soon, it was evident that he isn’t really someone who believes in polygamy. Rather, someone who thought he was meant for polygamy until he fell in love.

Sister Wives Fans Feel Kody Tried To Sell A Fantasy Version Of Polygamy

On Reddit, fans discussed how Kody Brown misrepresented polygamy and gave it a bad name. One wrote, “I think Kody is presenting a revisioned version of the truth now that he has to make sense of how he ended up here.”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Another explained, “The problem here is that Kody is actually representative of their faith and ‘the principle.’ The Browns tried to present this idea that it was about four EQUAL ROMANTIC marriages but it simply isn’t. They tried to sell us the ‘fantasy’ version but that never existed.”

Do you think Kody Brown really misrepresented polygamy on Sister Wives? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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