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Why Is Victoria Fuller In ‘The Bachelor’ Previews?

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Fans know that Victoria Fuller is currently seeing Greg Grippo. However, she popped up in the previews for The Bachelor featuring Zach Shallcross and fans have no idea why. Was she trying to date Zach?  Keep reading to get the scoop on why she was there.

Why was Victoria Fuller on The Bachelor?

The rumors started flying when Victoria Fuller showed up in the previews for The Bachelor. As the season heads towards the big premiere on January 23 the question will most likely surface once more. So why in the world is Victoria appearing on Zach’s season?

Reality Steve is always dishing out spoilers and he was quick to let fans know why Victoria was seen in previews. As it turns out, she along with a few other alums were asked to be judges one of Zach’s group dates. The other alums helping out Victoria were Courtney Robertson, and Tahzjuan Perkins. The actual host of the date was singer Latto.

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An interesting twist occurs and that leads Tahzjuan to want to pursue Zach. So, this is where in the preview fans see Victoria pop up. She is seen saying in a confessional that “she is really into him.”

Prior to knowing the real reason for Victoria’s presence, fans were thinking that she wanted to pursue Zach herself. Definitely not true as she was with Johnny DePhillipo then Greg Grippo.

She’s been the center of a lot of drama

Victoria was just coming off of her season of Bachelor in Paradise when the preview was coming out. Victoria has been the topic and center of a lot of drama in recent months. She went to Paradise and got engaged to Johnny DePhillipo. Their engagement was short lived and she moved on rather quickly with Greg.

Johnny still maintains that the timeline for Victoria and Greg’s relationship didn’t add up. However, Victoria maintains she did nothing wrong.

She and Greg and are happy, in love and celebrating the New Year’s in Europe. They’ve shared multiple photos and videos from London, Paris and they say they are returning to Italy. Recall, it was in Italy where the two were first seen together. It was also on that trip they got matching tattoos.

Victoria and Greg seem happy and good friend Nick Viall says he won’t be surprised if an engagement comes in 2023.

What do you think?

Are you excited to watch Zach Shallcross try to find love on this season of The Bachelor?

The Bachelor premieres January 23 on ABC.

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