Tori Roloff Realizes She Blundered With Josiah

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Tori Roloff admits she blundered with a decision regarding Josiah recently. While it wasn’t a huge deal and made for a pretty adorable funny photo, she made a mental note to make a better choice the next time the moment rolls around. What blunder did she made with Josiah exactly? Keep reading for the details and scroll down to see the sweet photo.

Tori Roloff blunders with Josiah

As TvShowsAce reported, Tori recently shared an 8-month update on Josiah Roloff. She penned in her update: “This kids smile can light up a room! He is so social and loves anyone that will chat with him! He has been so much fun this month!”

Tori Roloff - Instagram - Josiah Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Her update continued: “Josiah turns away no food, and had learned to yell for it when he’s hungry.”

According to the CDC, parents can start introducing solid food to their babies at about six months old. Parents, however, are encouraged to make sure their children can sit up and hold their heads independently before eating solid foods to prevent choking. Considering Josiah is eight months old, he is more than old enough to dive into solid foods.

Now, just because Josiah Roloff is old enough for solid foods… It doesn’t mean he can eat them in a way that is graceful and mess-free. Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to share that she made a mistake in feeding Josiah recently without a bib. At the bottom of the messy photo, she made a mental note to remember the bib next time. Check out the funny photo down below:

Josiah Roloff - Tori - Instagram Stories
Josiah Roloff – Tori – Instagram Stories

In the photo, Josiah Roloff was sitting in a high chair with one of those bowls that suction cup to the top of a hard surface. It appeared as if Josiah was enjoying a bowl of mac n cheese. Cheese and noodles were scattered all over the high chair top, Josiah’s clothing, his face, and his hands. Looking at the cheese and noodle-covered tot, Tori Roloff realized she made a bit of a mistake.

LPBW fans thanked Tori for keeping them updated on Josiah’s milestones. And, they gushed over how much he looked like his brother Jackson.

Do you agree that most parents have made the mistake Tori made at one time or another? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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