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Oprah Winfrey Says Without Barbara Walters She Wouldn’t Exist

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The passing of Barbara Walters was especially difficult for Oprah Winfrey as this was a woman she owed her entire career. In a very somber Instagram post just before the new year, Oprah schooled her 21.8M Instagram followers on the fact that with how trailblazer Barbara Walter clearing the way, she simply wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t have been able to do all of the incredible things she’s done all of the years. For Oprah, the passing of Barbara is harder than most because she owes everything and more to her.

Oprah Winfrey simply wouldn’t exist without Barbara Walters

As TvShowsAce previously mentioned, Barbara Walters was a trailblazer for women in the journalism industry. In 1976, Barbara was the very first woman to take a position as an anchor on an evening news program. This woman is credited for shattering the glass ceiling in an industry that was dominated by men. She created The View just for there to be a place where a panel of women could come together to discuss news, current event, hot topics, and other things trending.


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Oprah Winfrey explained that her career, her talk show, and everything she’s been able to accomplish was because Barbara got the ball rolling and shattered that glass ceiling.

Without Barbara Walters there wouldn’t have been me—nor any other woman you see on evening, morning, and daily news. She was indeed a Trailblazer. I did my very first television audition with her in mind the whole time.

Orpah proceeded to list several of the reasons why she was so grateful for everything Barbara did during her lifetime for female journalists and talk show hosts everywhere.

Instagram reacts to her tribute to Barbara

Now, Oprah’s post was liked over 320K times. It accumulated over 3K comments. Many women who also worked in the journalism and entertainment industry popped into the comments to agree with everything Oprah had to say. To agree with the fact that Barbara changed more lives than she could ever realize. And, they hoped she was resting in peace.

Oprah Winfrey YouTube

Lara Spencer penned: “Perfectly said. So sad to hear the news.”

Many of Oprah’s followers admitted they were waiting for her post as they knew how special Barbara Walters was to her. And, they thought her tribute was absolutely beautiful.

Rest in peace, Barbara Walters.

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