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Janelle Brown Sheds Tears: ‘It Was Heaven’

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Janelle Brown is opening up about a time in her life when “it was heaven.” In part two of the Sister Wives tell-all, the mother of six is forced to face her past. This is not an easy feat given her current status with her estranged husband Kody. However, she is taken back to a very special time and it appears that she was floating on nothing but happy clouds. Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Sheds Tears: ‘It Was Heaven’

There is some talk about how Meri and Janelle Brown did not get along initially. They clashed over silly things as they did not know how to be plural wives. Yet, as time went on, a lot happened that brought the family together. Host Sukanya Krishnan brings up that, despite the tough times, there was a lot of happiness. Janelle notes that she does not regret anything for a single moment.

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This is when Sukanya says that she wants to play a brief montage of the Brown family and all the happy memories they experienced. It reflects on Robyn’s wedding to Kody, moments with the children, dates with wives, everyone together, and more. Janelle Brown says “it was heaven.” When they were all together as one, it really was great. Admittedly, there were a lot of hard times and things that they had to work on. However, when all four wives could gather with all of their kids and Kody, again, “it was heaven.”

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She then proceeds to start wiping tears from her eyes as she has just reflected on such an important part of her life. One that is no longer there since she and Kody are separated. Furthermore, Janelle Brown has taken quite a stand against Kody over the past few years when it comes to his treatment of both her and her children. They were no longer one unit but quite divided in a way that they had never been.

Expect The Unexpected

Janelle Brown seemed very committed to staying in the plural family. Though she seemed ready to bolt, in Season 17 she admitted that she had nothing if she were to leave. Robyn and Christine had assets in their names while Meri owned her B&B. However, Janelle had given the profits from the sale of her Vegas home to Robyn to help purchase her mansion. Therefore, she had nothing to leave to her children but an RV. She was desperate to build on their land, Coyote Pass but that was not feasible since they hadn’t paid it off. In the end, it seems she has chosen her dignity over anything else.

Do you think Janelle Brown is creating her own new heaven with her grandkids, older children, and extended family now that she’s separated? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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