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Why Is ‘GH’ Sonya Eddy’s Twitter Still Posting After Tragic Death?

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In something that has General Hospital fans creeped out, Sonya Eddy died, but her Twitter account is still posting messages after her death. Fans are confused by the entire situation, but there is a good explanation. The problem is that this can’t be stopped easily.

Here is why Sonya Eddy’s Twitter account is still posting messages and why it won’t stop anytime soon.

Is Sonya Eddy posting tweets from the grave?

General Hospital star Sonya Eddy died on December 19. However, despite her death, her Twitter account is still posting messages two weeks posthumously. Not only that, but the tweets are a little creepy considering she’s passed. One tweet that arrived three days after her death read, “today could reveal some unexpected rewards.”

Sonya Eddy - IG

Some fans thought her account was hacked, but that was not the case. As one Twitter follower wrote, “Sonya has those Gemini posts automated to appear daily years before she passed. If you’re speaking about those, her account was not hacked.”

The problem for those who want them taken down is that the company responsible claimed that they can’t do anything about it. Long before her death, Sonya signed up with an app called Twittascope so it would post her horoscope daily on her Twitter account. However, since she authorized it to run, the company can’t stop it.

TMZ reported that Twittascope said they can’t stop it since Sonya wanted it to post on her account. The only way they said it can stop is for someone with access to her Twitter account to manually go in and disable it in her account settings.

However, while many fans felt it was inappropriate and wanted this stopped, others enjoyed it. “Please don’t take this down. We can continue to enjoy these special TWEETS,” one fan wrote.

Sonya Eddy on IG

How did Sonya Eddy die?

Sonya Eddy appeared on General Hospital since 2006 as Epiphany Johnson, a no-nonsense head nurse. Epiphany was also the mother of the late Stan Johnson, who got wrapped up in the mob. Sonya appeared in 543 episodes of the popular ABC daytime soap. She also had roles in shows like Seinfeld, RebaCSIGlee, Castle, and more.

Her friend Octavia Spencer revealed that she had died at the age of 55, saying, “The world lost another creative angel.” Sonya had scheduled surgery on December 9. She left the hospital on December 11 but returned after falling ill. It turned out that she had contracted a serious infection that was “uncontainable” and she ended up on life support before dying on December 19.

Do you find it creepy that Sonya Eddy’s Twitter account is still posting, or is it a nice way to keep remembering the actress? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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