Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexual Assault & Impregnating Minor

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Steven Tyler has been accused of not only sexual assault but also impregnating a minor. This is not necessarily new news for those who have read the Aerosmith frontman’s very colorful memoir. It was alluded to in there but now it has come to the forefront in a new lawsuit. There are a lot of deep dark details within the story so read on for more details.

Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexual Assault & Impregnating Minor

It is no secret that Steven Tyler has struggled with substance abuse issues for some time now. More so, it has impacted his performances with his band. However, no one expected a lawsuit to come in and further tarnish the name of Tyler. According to TMZ, Steven Tyler allegedly sexually assaulted a minor name Julia Holcolmb. She was just sixteen at the time. They then proceeded to carry on an affair which resulted in a pregnancy. Yet, Tyler did not want Julia to keep the baby but rather opted for termination. This news has rocked everyone.

Though Steven Tyler is not directly listed as someone in Julia’s suit, there are around fifty men under the guise of “John Doe.” Yet, Julia has directly pointed out Steven Tyler in the past as she has been quite forthcoming about his misdoings. Allegedly, in the musician’s 2011, “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?” Tyler glazed over having been with someone underage. He referred to it as “involuntary infamy” but concluded that the two had a “romantic, loving relationship.”

Now, when the two first met, Steven Tyler was around 25 and Julia was, of course, 16. It was 1973 after a Portland concert and that was where it all began. Apparently, Julia alleges that Tyler wanted to take guardianship of his new young lover so that he could take care of her. At the age of 17, she learned she was pregnant with a baby boy. Tyler felt she should terminate the pregnancy as there had been a fire and he believed that the baby lacked oxygen.

What Happened Next?

Julia’s baby was deemed okay and safe but Steven Tyler apparently said she would no longer be taken care of if she did not abort their son. So, she made the difficult decision to follow through. This led her to bravely exit the relationship and go back home to Portland. Julia is accusing Steven Tyler of sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. At this time, there has been no word from Steven Tyler’s rep.

Are you surprised by this news or is this something you would expect from a 1970s Steven Tyler? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Seriously? Why now? I am a survivor from sexual abuse and I would never have called it consensual. Sounds like more of a money grab to me.

  2. Okay while it does seem creepy… this was 50 freaking years ago and how can anyone glance over the fact that at SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, Julia lists over 50 John Does but mainly points to Tyler…. over FIFTY sexual encounters at SIXTEEN. This is a money grabber situation, unless it can be proven by DNA that Tyler is in fact the father then maybe he would have to owe back child support. Wow.. like this “#MeToo” movement has turned into a “#MeTwoFaced” movement.

    1. No. No. No.

      If this were a REAL issue, a suit would have come immediately. I am all for seeing sexual predators getting taken out. However, victims waiting years and years (those of whom were not little children at time of abuse), this is ridiculous and makes it look like predatory on THEIR part. I myself was a victim of such abuse. I did not report at time out of fear. Would not dream of it now, 30-40yrs later, hoping to get something out of it.

  3. I’m not sure I believe this for a 16 year old I know he’s famous but to do anything with a 67-year-old man it’s just ridiculous and if he is claiming this is true then shame on you Steven Tyler you have no business being with anyone younger than your kids your senior citizen now and act accordingly

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