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Sara Haines Heads Into 2023 With Husband Max Shrifin

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Sara Haines shut down the divorce rumors. The View co-host had fans concerned about her marriage to husband Max Shrifin. They noticed that the two didn’t spend the holiday together. It’s unclear whether Sara was a single mom on the holiday, or whether Max opted out of the Instagram posts.

She sent a new message on Instagram. The co-host is letting everyone know that she and Max are doing fine. She wants to head into 2023 with her husband by her side. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the message for yourself.

Sara Haines [ABC | YouTube]
[ABC | YouTube]

Sara Haines makes her message clear

On Friday, December 30, Sara Haines posted a new photo of herself with Max Shrifin on her Instagram Stories. This is after fans wonder why the two haven’t been spotted together in months. She snapped a selfie of the two at a restaurant. Sara wore a black jacket over a white T-Shirt while Max rocked a black hooded sweatshirt.

The married couple smiled into the camera. Sara captioned her post: “Heading into 2023,” making it clear that she’s staying with her hubby in the New Year. A guy photobombed their snapshot, causing Sara to joke that she’s heading in 2023: “With this guy too!”

Sara Haines & Max Shrifin [Sara Haines | Instagram Stories]
[Sara Haines | Instagram Stories]
This comes amid rumors that there’s marital trouble. Sara Haines sent alert signals with her recent Instagram posts. Earlier this month, she hosted a Q&A on her Instagram Stories. One fan wanted to know how they could spend the holidays single. Sara responded in a video message she posted to her Instagram feed.

Other fans wondered if this was her way of hinting that her marriage to Max ended. She also shared cryptic quotes that had fans wondering if there was trouble in paradise. Sara brought up interesting topics like “joint custody in marriage.” Normally, joint custody of children takes place in divorce.

The View co-host shares 22 lessons learned

In her latest Instagram post, Sara Haines revealed the “22 things I learned in 2022.” In the carousel of slides, the former GMA3 co-host shared that “a five-minute workout is better than no workout” and her “husband thinks I’m crazy.” Other lessons learned include “slow dancing softens any argument” and a “great team makes a difference.”

Sara Haines also pointed out that “Marriage is just texting each other memes from different rooms.” She also advised her fans to set “boundaries.” She also called marriage “a verb,” which in part means “it’s something you do.” Her final message reads: “Everything is temporary… the good and the bad.”

Sara Haines' 22 Lesson Learned In 2022 [Sara Haines | Instagram]
[Sara Haines | Instagram]
It sounds like whatever issues Sara Haines and Max had in their marriage, they worked through them this year. What are your thoughts on her heading into 2023 with her husband by her side? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. My wife and I watch the view every day. We both to see who is on every day as you all walk out. We both smile when we see you walk out, because you are our light every day. Very glad you and your husband Max are still one. Much love, Ira and Brenda

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