American Pickers Mike Wolfe Photo by: Zachary Maxwell Stertz Copyright: 2020

Mike Wolfe’s New Project Is A Break From ‘American Pickers’

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Mike Wolfe is taking a break from his show American Pickers. He is excited to be working on this new passion project. What is the project the reality star is working on away from his History Channel show?

Mike Wolfe Is Taking A Break Away From American Pickers

On Thursday, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe went to Instagram to show his latest project. In this post, he shared an image from a newspaper. This shows an old decrepit home. The photo says “Residence Of John A. Oakes.”

Mike Wolfe wrote, “Waiting on Architects drawings for this next project.. This 1873 Italianate will have its Cupola and front porch again. Excited to return something to this old house that was sadly taken away years ago. #thisplacematters #columbiatn,”

The next photo shows some work that has already been done to the historic home. While keeping the arched windows, he did add an additional arch, but this time over the doorway. Also, he added a charming stone walkway. This leads to the house and compliments the exterior.

This is not the first Tennessee home that Wolfe has remodeled. This seems to be his other passion besides picking. This makes sense as he loves history, so naturally remodeling historic homes makes sense too.

Photo by: Zachary Maxwell StertzCopyright: 2020
Photo by: Zachary Maxwell Stertz
Copyright: 2020

American Pickers Season 24 Is Coming Soon

American Pickers is back for Season 24. The premiere is on Wednesday, January 4, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on the History Channel. This is a change from the original Saturday night time slot.

American Pickers Mike WolfePhoto by: Zachary Maxwell Stertz Copyright: 2020
American Pickers Mike Wolfe
Photo by: Zachary Maxwell Stertz
Copyright: 2020

Will Frank Fritz Be Part of Season 24?

Unfortunately, Frank Fritz will not be part of American Pickers Season 24. Instead, Robbie Wolfe, Mike’s brother who had always subbed for Frank since the early days, is traveling around and picking with Mike Wolfe.

Moreover, they are shaking up the new season with such notable guest stars as Jack White. Likely, the leader of the White Stripes is there to help “pump up” the ratings.

Ever since the History Channel fired Frank Fritz, viewership has gone down. Many fans claim they will not return until he is reinstated alongside Mike Wolfe. Fans have always loved that he was the Oliver Harvey to Wolfe’s Stan Laurel.

Frank’s obsession with collecting gas station signs and other collectibles has also endeared him to fans. His chipper personality added a lot to the series. On the other hand, many feel that Robbie is dull. They feel that Mike’s brother lacks the sort of charm that they loved about Frank.

For those fans of Danielle Colby, she is returning to the History Channel series as well.

Will you be watching the new season of American Pickers? What do you think of Mike Wolfe’s latest project?

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