Did Barbara Walters Interview Donald Trump & Joe Biden?

Barbara Walters - National Archives and Records Administration

As news of Barbara Walters dying at 93 breaks, the Internet comes together to take a closer look at her life and pay tribute to the journalism legend. Barbara Walters is known for a very long list of things. One of those things was that she had the pleasure of interviewing every sitting President of the United States and First Lady from the Nixon administration through to the Obama administration.

Considering Barbara Walters was very much alive through Donald Trump’s administration and through some of Joe Biden’s. The question everyone is asking as news of her death breaks is really simple: Did Barbara Walters interview Donald Trump and Joe Biden as well?

Did Barbara Walters interview Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

PerĀ Wikipedia, the most accurate answer to the question of whether Barbara Walters interviewed Donald Trump and Joe Biden prior to her passing is both yes and no. Technically, Barbara Walters did interview both Donald Trump and Joe Biden prior to her passing away. It, however, wasn’t in the same format or because the other two men were sitting presidents.

Barbara Walters - Wikimedia Commons
Barbara Walters – Wikimedia Commons

She formed strong opinions about the Presidents of the United States

Unsurprisingly, Barbara Walters was able to formulate some strong opinions on the Presidents of the United States over the years. This included being able to answer a lot of questions about them. Per a report fromĀ The Huffington Post, Barbara revealed that through her interviews she learned there was one thing that every single POTUS she ever interviewed seemed to have in common.

“The presidents I’ve talked to, starting with Richard Nixon, I don’t know any of them who said, ‘When I grow up I’m going to be president. That’s my ambition.'”

The media outlet reveals it was during her extremely candid “Oprah’s Master Class” interview that she opened up about some of the similarities and differences she noticed among the different U.S. Presidents.

Using Barack Obama as an example, Barbara explained that he told her he thought he would grow up to be an architect. In fact, considering his background, a POTUS was the last thing he ever saw in his future.

During her interview, Barbara also revealed that the most charming President she spoke with was Ronald Reagan. She explained: “You could not be with Ronald Reagan and not become very fond of him, no matter what the politics.”

Did you know how many Presidents of the United States Barbara Walters interviewed? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

[Feature Image: National Archives and Records Administration]

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