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‘Love After Lockup’ Spoiler: Aris & Cam Married?

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The new season of Love After Lockup just began but are Aris and Cam already married? This duo was introduced in the second episode of the season and caused quite a stir on Twitter. Many viewers did not take kindly to Cam when he was first released from prison. Yet, was Aris able to see past all of that and see him as her forever? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup Spoiler: Aris & Cam Married?

The new season is only two episodes in but already, a lot has happened and there are a lot of optimistic couples. One has already tied the knot but what about Aris and Cam? She was introduced in the second episode while she was plant shopping with her daughter. Apparently, she had fallen for Cam after she had heard his music. Immediately, she slid into his DMs and let him know that she wanted to make it happen when he was released.

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On the day that he came out of jail, Aris was right there waiting for him. He looked slightly different than the man she had envisioned as he was messy and unkempt. On the side of the road, he stripped from his prison clothes and put on the garments she had brought for him. He then proceeded to tell her all these dirty things he wanted to do to her and he was relentless. So, was she able to see past that and stay with him or did she realize she deserved better?
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Kiki and Kibbitz showed off a reel from Aris’ Instagram where she called out Cam as her husband. More so, she had a photo of them in wedding garb and, at first glance, it looked like Britney and Ray. However, it is actually Cam and Aris and it looks like they may end up on the spinoff, Life After Lockup. They still remained together as of Christmas.

Fans Are Not Amused

After Love After Lockup viewers met Cam, they were not at all impressed by him. They quickly took to Twitter to express their feelings. “I’m sorry Aris (however you spell her name lol) can do way better,” one tweeted. Another added: “Aris man look like he got little man syndrome. please prove me wrong sir please.” They also called her insecure and did not think this was a good example for her daughter. Finally, fans were upset that she and Cam just left his clothing on the side of the wrong along with the $200 plant she bought him that she let die.

It seems like they are happy but time will tell. Did you expect to find out that they were married? Let us know and watch Love After Lockup Friday on WeTV.

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