Tyler Norris Didn’t Have Problem With Victoria Fuller Until This

Tyler Norris and Victoria Fuller via youTube

Tyler Norris said he never had a problem with Victoria Fuller, but he lost respect for her at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion. When Victoria showed up on stage she bad-mouthed Johnny DePhillipo and made lots of accusations against him. Tyler tried to defend his friend and Victoria snapped, cutting him off and telling him it didn’t concern him.

Tyler was also on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise thinking he’d met the one for him. Ultimately, he and Brittany broke up. Now, he went onto a podcast to talk about what went down with Victoria and how he feels now about his experience on the show.

What Caused Tyler Norris To Lose Respect For Victoria?

On Chicks in the Office, hosts Ria and Fran talked to Tyler Norris about the reunion and Victoria Fuller. The girls started out by telling them he’d been a very requested guest for their show. They said people wanted to hear more about the drama and the reunion. As for Victoria, he said he didn’t want to hear her attacking Johnny’s character. Tyler also said that accusing Johnny of calling her a certain horrific name, wasn’t cool.

He went on to say that predominantly women watch the show, so she needed to be careful. The host said she thought both parties were wrong and Tyler doesn’t necessarily know what happened in their relationship. Tyler pointed out there are always two sides to every story. He said he knows Johnny well and that isn’t something he believed he would say. Tyler also already knew that Victoria and Greg Grippo were together and he thought she could have been a little classier with how she handled things.

Tyler Norris, YouTube
Tyler Norris, YouTube

He didn’t think there was a reason to air it all out on national television. According to Tyler, Johnny told her he wasn’t going to air out their personal details, and then she did. Norris also said Victoria said she doesn’t care if people liked her with Greg or not, but it’s clear she does.

What Happened With Brittany Galvin

The hosts switched to asking Tyler Norris about the status of his relationship with Brittany Galvin. He said they talked about it at the reunion. He thought everything was great, they were going to spend time together. Brittany came to New Jersey and met his family.

Tyler said she told him she loved him, but it was just, “beach fever.” Since Tyler was just coming off of the airing of The Bachelorette, he said he had to film the Bachelorette Tell-All and was already in a relationship with Brittany. Things were going great and he met her family as well. Plus, her nephew even called him Uncle Tyler.

Tyler Norris, Instagram
Tyler Norris, Instagram

After he left from meeting her family, she told him she needed some space. Then she started to ignore his calls and texts. She told him she couldn’t afford to fly to LA to see him, but booked a trip to London. Things weren’t adding up. Eventually, she broke up with him over Facetime. He did say he talked to her after everything went down. The hosts brought up a TikTok where Brittany was running and people thought he was the one filming. When things got rough Tyler did talk to her once people started being mean. He told her to turn off her phone and ignore it all. Tyler is still keeping it classy when it comes to talking about his relationship.

What do you think about both situations? Stay tuned for more updates.

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