‘Today’ Jacob Soboroff Praises Kim Kardashian’s Vulnerability

Jacob Soboroff & Kim Kardashian [Today Show | YouTube]

Today co-anchor Jacob Soboroff praised Kim Kardashian. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she shared her true feelings about co-parenting with her ex-husband Ye. The reality star admitted it has been “f***ing hard” as she broke down in tears. During the interview, she also talked about her parenting skills.

Some fans have wondered if Kim Kardashian lets her kids do anything. She admits that she’s harder than she comes across. Jacob was impressed with her raw and candid interview. He also had a lot to say about her parenting skills. Keep on reading to learn more.

Kim Kardashian & Her Four Kids [Kim Kardashian | Instagram]
[Kim Kardashian | Instagram]

Kim Kardashian gets vulnerable in a new interview

The SKIMS founder made an appearance on Tuesday’s pop culture segment of the Today Show. She addressed her co-parenting situation. The entertainer shared that she protects her kids from the drama between her and Kanye West. She cried when she spoke on Angelina Martinez’s IRL podcast earlier this week.

Fans were in shock over how different the 42-year-old looked yet again. Kim Kardashian even peeled back on the glamour. She also shared her true feelings about co-parenting. Kim is “best friends” with the teacher at her children’s school. This allows her to know everything that is going on with them.

Kim Kardashian [Angelina Martinez IRL Podcast | YouTube]
[Angelina Martinez IRL Podcast | YouTube]
She even allows them to support their father. For instance, Kim lets them listen to Ye’s music on the way to school. Sometimes she’ll even join them. Kim wiped tears away from her face as she compared her late father to Kanye. She shared that she “had the best dad” growing up.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been as easy for her four children. Kim explained that she has to protect them from the ongoing drama involving her and Kanye. Sometimes the hip-hop star will get into random outbursts on social media. Other times, he will talk about their family drama in an interview. Some fans are skeptical about Kim’s interview, but Jacob Soboroff was impressed.

Jacob Soboroff On Pop Culture Segment [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Jacob Soboroff shares his thoughts

The Today Show fan favorite shared a segment from Kim Kardashian’s interview on Tuesday’s live show. Jacob talked about her interview that’s had fans buzzing. Some think she’s being naive about her situation with Kanye. Kim even said she’s protected Kanye “in the eyes of my kids.”

“Kim Kardashian is opening up on co-parenting with Kanye West,” Jacob explained.”She got candid in a new interview and she was pretty emotional. She spoke about protecting her children from negativity.”

He added that the television personality gets “pretty vulnerable” in the interview. Jacob praised Kim for her parenting skills, especially in such a difficult situation. Do you agree with him? What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s interview? Sound off below in the comment section.

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