Midsomer Murders-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR6HDJBXt2U

‘Midsomer Murders’ Season 23 Is Here: All The Details, Preview Video

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Midsomer Murders Season 23 is back. This season includes murders that include a group of doomsday preppers, a police retirement village, an artisanal bakery, and a drag show.

What more do we know about the upcoming season, including who is back for Season 23? We also have a preview video that includes death by lifeboat. Plus, we also have information on where you can watch the new episodes of this top British mystery series.

Are you ready to return to Midsomer?

Midsomer Murders Is Back For Season 23 (Series 23)

Despite a worldwide pandemic and filming delays, Midsomer Murders is back for Season 23. This new season will have a total of six episodes, like Season 22. Back for more is Neil Dungeon as DCI Barnaby and Nick Hendrix is also returning as DS Jamie Winter. According to the preview, the two will be matching their wits with a cornucopia of murder and mayhem.

Along with Dungeon and Hendrix, Fiona Dolman is back as Sarah Barnaby. In addition, Annette Badland is returning as eccentric forensic expert Fleur Perkins. Lastly, Paddy, the Barnaby’s dog will be back to give viewers some comic relief.

Midsomer Murders-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR6HDJBXt2U
Midsomer Murders-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR6HDJBXt2U

What Are The Names Of The Season 23 Episodes?

According to IMDb, here are the names and synopsis of four of the six episodes of Midsomer Murders Season 23.

Episode 1: “The Blacktrees Prophecy.” In this episode, Warren Kaine is a doomsday prepper who throws out a member of the group. This makes him a target amongst the other preppers. Moreover, the Blacktrees Prophecy haunts the group. They use this as the reason for at least one murder. Maybe even more.

Episode 2: “The Debt Of Lies.” Challis Court is a gated estate of retired police officers. However, when some new residents are found dead, Barnaby quickly realizes that it is a retired officer who is the murderer.

Episode 3: “A Grain Of Truth.” Chrissie Larkton is a pastry chef with her own family-run mill. Thanks to her hard work in restoring the mill, she now has a successful online business. However, the village residents of Lower Blissingham are not fans of her popularity or success.

Episode 4: “Dressed To Kill.” Elverton-Cum-Latterly is a village that is battling the old with the new. On the same evening as the long-running dominoes competition, another group is holding a drag queen fundraiser for a terminally ill teenager. This will play out in a deadly competition that will pit members of the village against each other.

The last two episodes do not have a premiere date, nor is there a title or synopsis for either one.

How Can You Watch Midsomer Murders Season 23?

Midsomer Murders Season 23, or as the Brits like to say, Series, 23, is now streaming on Acorn TV. Currently, ITV has not announced when they will premiere the new season.



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