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KUWTK fans wonder what’s next in the romance department for Kim Kardashian after things ended with Pete Davidson. It’s certainly no secret that he hasn’t had any trouble moving on as he’s been linked to both Emily Ratajkowski and Chase Sui Wonders since things ended with Kim. While the Internet seemingly agrees they don’t want it to happen, most suspect it is only a matter of time before Pete Davidson hooks up with Jenna Ortega too.

Presently, Kim Kardashian hasn’t been linked to anyone since things ended with Pete Davidson. For the most part, fans of the Kardashian-Jenner family weren’t too surprised by this breakup. Many fans suspected the relationship was a PR stunt and they were never really committed to each other. There, however, were some fans who thought Pete was good for Kim. Most, however, just thought the relationship was weird and they are glad it is now over.

So, what’s next for Kim when it comes to her love life?

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[Credit: Instagram]

Kim Kardashian says she’s DONE with men

Turns out, Kim Kardashian sat down with Gwyneth Paltrow as a guest star on her podcast recently. During the podcast, these lovely ladies touched on Kim’s love life. What’s next for Kim in the love department? Speaking to the 50-year-old actress, Kim fesses up that it is time for some self-love. And, she’s absolutely DONE with men. The beauty mogul claims she is ready to spend a few years off the market and just enjoy being single. Now, it is worth mentioning that Kim isn’t saying she’s done with men completely. Just that she’s ready to take a break for a few years from the dating scene.

Kim Kardashian admitted that this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get married again. She just wants to take some time for herself. She wants a lifetime partner. And, she hopes she can find that and get married to whoever ends up in her life next.

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[Credit: Instagram]
Kim explained that she has a fantasy in her head where she thinks the “fourth time is a charm” when it comes to getting married. As fans know, Kanye West was husband number three for Kim. Though, Kim tells the actress she considers her marriage with Kanye to be her only real marriage.

Do you think Kim Kardashian is really done with men? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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