‘GMA’ Gio Benitez & Janai Norman Dance Off Criticism?

Gio Benitez & Janai Norman [GMA | YouTube]

GMA3’s Gio Benitez and Janai Norman are shaking it off. They danced off the criticism with their latest broadcast. The two have replaced TJ Holmes and Amy Robach this week. Fans watched the “embarrassing” scene after they called one of the co-host’s attire “inappropriate.” Keep on reading to learn more.

GMA3 fans watch an “embarrassing” dancing scene

Gio Benitez and his co-host Janai Norman had a dancing break. They co-hosted GMA3 this week, which is the third hour of the morning show. As the show went to break, the pair stressed the dance away. Gio took to his Instagram Stories to share a video of the two shimmying and shaking their hips to the music.

Gio Benitez & Janai Norman [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Even a crew member joined them in their dance break. Gio and Janai danced together as another member of the crew helped out with fixing the set. Janai Norman smiled as she danced while she mentioned the “embarrassing” scene that was unfolding. Some of them had a good laugh over what was going on.

“@Keciz_r_stewart capturing what happens during commercial breaks,” Gio Benitez wrote on his Instagram Stories.

He also took to his Instagram feed to share a professional shot. Gio and Janai Norman were later joined by Mary Bruce. The fill-ins took a break from their booty shaking. They were buttoned up and back to business after shaking their stuff.

Starting the final week of the year with these two is 💯 See you today on @abcgma3 and again tomorrow on @goodmorningamerica!” Gio wrote in the Instagram post.

Gio Benitez & Janai Norman With Joey Thorman [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Jania Norman slammed for her inappropriate attire

In that photo, Janai Norman wore a metallic gold sleeveless ribbed knit maxi dress. Some fans found her attire inappropriate for the current weather conditions. Even though it has been cold in New York City, Janai looked like she was ready for summer. The dress made her skin glisten.

GMA fans aren’t pleased with the morning show for many reasons. There have been cast disappearances and ongoing drama behind the scenes. They weren’t happy when many of the female co-anchors wore summer dresses despite the freezing temperatures.

“Why do women host wear sleeveless dresses during a f**king freeze? Are they nuts? Put on some d**n clothes!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

What’s going on with GMA3?

Gio and Janai Norman also filled in for Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan, and George Stephanopoulos. The main co-anchors are gone for the second week in a row. While most fans understand that the hosts are taking a break for the holidays, they want answers regarding GMA3.

Basically, the fans want to know what to expect to come in the New Year. TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have been gone since early November after the alleged affair rumors. At the time, ABC News launched an ongoing internal review of the incident. However, GMA fans want answers now.

Gio Benitez & Janai Norman [Gio Benitez | Instagram]
[Gio Benitez | Instagram]
“@GMA these people filling in for the regulars are annoying af!” one fan tweeted.

“@GMA When will we see Amy Robach and TJ Holmes again? Who cares if they hooked up? They are cute together. Don’t let it ruin their careers. Let us see MORE OF THEM,” another user asked.

What are your thoughts on the GMA3 shakeup? Did you like Gio Benitez and Janai’s dance? What did you think of her dress? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. I think that Gio Benitez and Janai Norman are good together.
    I also think that Amy Robach and T. J. Holmes should be allowed to
    be back on the show. They are great together, I don’t like the show
    Without them.
    I hope that they are given another chance.

  2. Bring back Amy and TJ. – I don’t watch CBS nor NBC news shows because I do not like the cast. This is 2023 (almost) – get with it! Everyone should enjoy a private life by the way!!!

  3. I loved TJ and Amy. But I’m going to watch GMA including their 3rd hour whatever the admins decide. Do I agree with taking them off the air? No. But that’s them and I’m me. I’ve watched GMA since the 70’s – perhaps before!! There have been tons of changes. It works out.

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