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Fans In Uproar Over Ember Roloff’s Treatment Of Furbaby

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Little People, Big World fans are in an uproar over Ember Roloff’s treatment of her furbaby. The five-year-old girl was caught on camera as she played with her new furry friend, and fans think she doesn’t know how to do so appropriately. Was Ember hurting the animal? Keep reading to find out why fans are so upset.

For Christmas this year, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff added a new furbaby to their family. A few weeks ago, Audrey took to her Instagram Stories to ask fans if they knew where she could get a Scottish Fold kitten. Then, right before Christmas, she showed off the adorable gray kitten she had bought as a gift for her kiddos.

It looks like five-year-old Ember is in love with the furbaby. Bode, who is almost three years old, and Radley, who is one year old, seem to like the new pet too. They named the kitten Aspen and have a calico cat named Pine as well.

Audrey Roloff Instagram - Ember Roloff

Now, as the family spends quality time with their newest addition, fans are voicing their concerns about how Ember Roloff is playing with her.

Fans In Uproar Over Ember Roloff’s Treatment Of Furbaby

Since Jeremy and Audrey added the cat to their household, she has shared several photos and videos on her Instagram Stories, showing fans just how much the kids love their present. However, in one clip, Ember proceeded to pick up and drop the kitten onto the floor. You can see a photo below.

Audrey Roloff Instagram - Ember Roloff

On Reddit, fans are discussing the fact that Audrey is on her phone recording videos rather than teaching her kids how to handle the kitten. One fan said, “Ugh, Audrey get off your phone and teach your children how to be gentle with animals.”

Someone else chimed in, “Poor kitty. Make that kid stop mistreating the cat!”

Others think the cat will end up scratching or biting the kids if they continue to play roughly with it.

It looks like LPBW fans aren’t too upset with five-year-old Ember Roloff because she’s just a child. They feel that it’s Audrey’s responsibility to teach her kids how to appropriately play with their new pet. Hopefully, she will take their advice.

So, what do you think of Ember Roloff’s treatment of her new furbaby? Do you think Audrey Roloff needs to show her kids how to appropriately play with the cat? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family.

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