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Christine Brown Says: ‘Let That Sh*t Go!’

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Christine Brown has a very strong message to share and she is saying it loud and clear. The mother of six is telling her followers to “let that sh*t go.” As she proceeds to relive a lot of he said/she said with her ex-husband, Kody Brown, Christine continues to find her stable footing. While doing so, she is encouraging everyone around her to do the same. So, what prompted her to send such a heavy message? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Says: ‘Let That Sh*t Go!’

With the Sister Wives tell-all still airing, a lot of stuff from the past is resurfacing. Christine Brown’s ex has proceeded to make her out to be the bad guy. He’s alleged that she blocked him from reconciling with his first wife, Meri, and essentially has been calling her a monster. She has vehemently denied these allegations but Kody has had more to say. Additionally, he claims that she talked poorly about her sister wives, including Janelle who she is extremely close to now.

Christine Brown/YouTube

There are still two parts left of the tell-all so it will not be easy to see the stuff that is being said. However, Christine Brown has taken to her Instagram. She has a very strong message for her followers. “You know, there’s just no such thing as a do-over! There’s no such thing as “should have done”. Let that sh*t go! #moveon #letitgo #letthatsh*tgo #dudegetoverit,” she wrote. Along with the caption, there was a series of three photos of Christine in skinny jeans, pointing her finger, laughing, and standing up proud.


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There was nothing that seemingly precipitated this but the #dudegetoverit could have been pointed at Kody. As aforementioned, he has been fixated on their past and throwing her under the bus, maybe out of spite and anger. Her followers were quick to comment on her photos and caption. “YES!!! I’m SO happy for you & Janelle! Many blessings,” one wrote. Another added: “You are a boss!” Finally, someone said: “All of the lessons learned in the past make us who we are today.”

A Whole New Life

Recently, Christine Brown shared a video on TikTok from her last day filming in Flagstaff. She showed the couch and the set where they had been confessing their feelings for years. Christine admitted that it was “bittersweet” to say goodbye after all of that time. Yet, those who viewed the video felt it was time that she closed that chapter and officially moved on to the next. Currently, she is living her best life in Utah, away from Kody and his only remaining wife, Robyn as his first and second wives, Meri and Janelle have left him.

Do you think that Christine Brown’s message was appropriate given what is being said about her? Should Kody take her advice? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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