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When Does ‘My Hero Academia’ Return In 2023?

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My Hero Academia, one of the biggest anime in the world, is currently in the midst of its sixth season. The mid-season finale came out just recently which has now left the season on a holiday hiatus. After a massive cliffhanger like what we got in this most recent 13th episode, fans are itching to see the return of the show. So the question is, when is that coming? Will there be a long wait for Episode 14 before we finally find out what’s next? Or is it just around the corner?

My Hero Academia Season 6

my hero academia season 6 deku bakugo and todoroki
Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki in Season 6 of ‘My Hero Academia

The end of Season 6, Episode 13 is the end of a massive battle between the heroes and the villains of the MHA universe. The death and injury toll is high, and fans of the manga know that as of this most recent episode, we only know a little of the true toll of the perilous fight. There are no major character deaths as of Episode 13. Some background heroes such as X-Less have died as a result of the Paranormal Liberation War. Deku also mentions “countless civilian deaths” in the episode. But, all of our major heroes are still kicking for now. That doesn’t mean they’re all in great condition, though. Bakugo, Endeavor, and Eraserhead are all in incredibly rough shape. They’re definitely in no position to be doing any more fighting in the upcoming episodes.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long on those episodes, either.

The official My Hero Academia Twitter account recently put out a tweet thanking all the viewers of Episode 13. They also announce that they will be back with Episode 14 on January 7th. So just a couple-week-long gap between the first half and second half of the season to break for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Not too long at all.  The show will be back shortly and we’ll get to truly see the aftermath of the chaotic War arc.


My Hero Academia YouTube
Many of Class 1-A in ‘My Hero Academia

Season 6 has been a very serious season thus far. The true weight of Class 1-A’s responsibilities, along with some of the nature of All For One’s plans have begun to come to light. Something that has only been speculated upon and hinted at since the beginning of the show. We’re leaving the phase of our favorite characters being heroes in training and beginning to see them as actual heroes capable of taking on massive and threatening villains. The second half of the season will hopefully continue to build on that promising development.

My Hero Academia returns with the second half of Season 6 starting January 7th. The first 13 episodes of Season 6 are live on Crunchyroll in the US right now.

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